Jun 8, 2007


How many more must die before oppressed Fiji citizens stand up to the illegal , cruel and heartless regime running our country into the ground ?

It's time to do something for our children and stop this nonsense.

Mrs Rabaka, Sakiusa's mother had this to say recently. For all the mothers, fathers and families that are hurting and for the rest of our country that are feeling this pain, show your opposition to this Military Dictatorship by wearing something blue every Tuesday (blue being the colour of our flag, of our sky and our ocean and our loyalty to the values of humility, sharing, kindness and
principles of democracy that make us the proud nation of Fiji) and something white every Thursday (white being the colour of rememberence, of purity, cleanliness and innocence - of what we have lost and what we can hope for again).


Anonymous said...

Vinaka Bu - I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have written to another blog telling them what I am going to tell you about what I am doing to help the madness in our land.

As the head of my household, I have sat my adult children down with their children, other nieces and nephews that are staying with us and their parents and I have told them what I think about this regime and why what has been done is WRONG. I have given my reasons point by point to them about why is it wrong - speaking to them about values and principles that I expect us to live by as people in our family, in our tikina and in our mataqali. I have talked for 6 months continuously about why it is wrong.

I have encouraged them to ask questions so they can UNDERSTAND that they should not believe the propoganda. I have asked them in turn to talk to other people about why it is wrong. I have instructed my grandchildren to stick to their beliefs at school and to communicate with any other children that are saying different. Sometimes it has been hard for me to see them come back from school crying and beaten up because they have stuck to their principles. They are learning a hard lesson in life, but this is my contribution to educating this nation about this great wrong that has been done to Fiji.

I have done the same thing as the head of my tikina which was difficult because we have 4 families who have serving soldiers that are the sole breadwinners. The principle of the matter stares them in the face and I sympathise although I wish I could persude them to leave - this is easier said than done for these households as quite frankly they are terrified of their breadwinner losing their salaries. These soldiers have been told our position and to their credit none of us have been hauled into camp (yet). Where our tikina is strong, others are not faring as well. Some of the splits in the families are so big, we fear the rifts may never heal. This is one very great evil that has been wrought upon us as taukei. And it brings to mind some of the very tragic stories we used to hear about the Jews and the Germans during the Nazi era. Fiji has it’s own Austwich - the place that Rabaka, Verebasaqa and Malasebe died.

My family have been wearing blue every Tuesday and white every Thursday and I hope many others will join us. I contribute to blogs as the papers will not print my letters to the editor. If everyone in Fiji did this within their own families, I’m sure it would go a long way to helping our situation so that when it is time to rise up, we can as one people and with one voice. It would be foolish to go head to head one on one against the gun - so whatever we can come up with to do as a consolidated group would be the best solution.

If the Emergency Regulations really lifted , we should maybe all meet for a National Prayer and Picnic on a nominated Sunday at parks spread around Viti ? Lautoka Churchill , Nadi Prince Charles Park, Albert Park in Suva, Govind Park in Ba, Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori, Subrail Park in Labasa. I’m sorry I do not know the names of the parks in Savusavu and other places. Lets bring our teenagers and tau’s and nau’s and bubu’s and peipei’s, and some kakana for a picnic day out and lets all have a day where we can sit and pray and share our lives and our offerings with each other and at the same time show the world we do not care for this illegal regime ?

Anonymous said...

A National day of prayer is being organized for Thursday, 14 June at Sukuna Park, 1p.m.
This will be a first in a series of prayer meetings around Fiji. Wear black and let's all meet on that day.
This meeting is open to all religions of Fiji. It is our way of saying to the IG, we are not happy with the direction these so called leaders are taking us.