Jun 6, 2007


So here's a story - you leave your house vibrant and alive in the company of law-enforcement officers , and 24 hours later you turn up dead in the morgue, covered in bruises with no explanations of how this happened.

I'm sorry but this situation is very sickening , shocking, horrendous and unbelievable.

The buck stops with the leader of this illegal regime - thats you Bainimarama !

Please explain to Fiji and to the world how this could have happened and did happen !

The stories are here :
June 5th story 2007 and here June 6th story 2007

and the TV news coverage can be viewed here :

Man dies after taken in by police

Basically the story is this.

On Tuesday, June 05, 2007. Mrs Nakuila of Newtown, Nasinu has claimed her son has died as a result of police beating. She said that on Monday June 4th. her 31 year old son Tevita Malasebe, was asleep when about eight policemen in civilian clothing arrived at their home at about midnight last night to take her son to the Valelevu police station.

They handcuffed her son and the police officers told the family was told he was being taken to the Valelevu police station for a few questions about a small matter and that they were not to follow them but to wait at home and they were not to worry.

She said that after an hour , she and her 2 other sons went to the station they were told that neither Tevita nor the officers had arrived. They waited for about two hours and left with her two younger sons for home.

On Tuesday morning 5th June, Mrs Nakuila phoned her family lawyer who enquired for her at the Valelevu Police Station as to the whereabouts of Tevita. Later in the day she later received a telephone call from the Colonial War Memorial Hospital - "Doctor tell me I said, is he alive or dead or is he injured. The Doctor replied I can't tell you over the phone you have to personally come to the hospital, and identify whether this is your son"

Ms Nakuila said she was taken to the morgue where her son lay covered by a white bed sheet. Dead.

His body was badly bruised from his neck down. Physical abuse was evident all over his body, bruises on his hands . She said she could see a mark on his chest, like they had injected him with something. His stomach was discolored, it's was black from the stomach down to his feet. and marks of the handcuffs were still visible on his wrists.

She said she wanted answers from the police on why her son died in their hands.

Tevita was supposed to have turned 31 on June 17, now his family are still trying to come to terms with how their son and brother was taken so drastically from them. The grieving mother wants to know what happened to her son who was taken away by police officers and ended up dead at the hospital..

In damage control, the gist of what a Police spokesman said on Fiji TV last night as as follows :

A man was taken in by police for questioning over a series of robberies between Suva and Nausori . It was a "lengthy interview". He developed breathing problems . And died.

Really ?

Echoes of Rabaka and Verbesaqa.

Lets see what other lies this military regime will give us and what "explanation" they will give to Tevita's nana.

Will these people be moral enough to admit to anything, something ?

We wait to see.


Anonymous said...

Well, God decides everybody's fate.

Anonymous said...

The Police are in a shambles after Dec 5th. They seem to have taken a page out of the armies book on how to treat suspects. There are several questions that need to be answered here and the main one being where he was taken if he didn't go to Valelevu Police station. Is this another of this joint operations? How pathetic that these people are can beat a man to death and yet are gutless in facing up to the charges! Gutless people led by a gutless leader who won't take responsibility for their actions!

Anonymous said...

And so , anon at 10.32 pm ?
Your point being ?
You sound like you are justifying this senseless death . Are you ?

Anonymous said...

Yep, this is not the only one..fortunately the others didn't or haven't died just yet!

Just beware, their latest tactic is to arrive in civilian clothing in a mini bus!

Upon approaching, the mini bus headlights go off and sudenly around 5 - 6 men will jump off!

The only people that should be questioned on the recent spate of robberies are the army and police themselves.

Their is a big possibility that they are the ones doing the robberies!

Anonymous said...

Isa, when dave was sleeping peacefully at home it never crossed his mind it was going to be his last day...how is it that the criminals are imprisoned or are awaiting court dates yet the innocent are taken away without being proven guilty...justice will prevail...these cowards think that they can hide....their identities will be revealed....what goes around comes around....karma...

Anonymous said...

Well, if anyone cares to cast their minds back...remember the CRW soldiers and how they died????
Familiar or what....!!!!????

Anonymous said...

CRW, wow, arent they stole weapons to make a coup? Come on just the way you talking about RFMF now, wasnt the same should apply to CRW?

Anonymous said...

CRW or abc....this is all the head of the junta's work...this coup is to cover that up....he could'nt face the music....

Anonymous said...

the crw did not steal weapons, as soldiers they carry weapons all the time.

at parliament they even had a re-supply: new weapons/ammunition were brought in from the QEB.....check the video footage of the 2000 coup.

they would only have had a re-supply if orders came from the QEB to allow it.

who gave those orders? Bainimarama