Jun 14, 2007

The Goons Have Always Had Their Own Plans Anyway

Be warned people - this is what befalls you if you place your submission into the IG for your views on the so called People's Charter, or anything else for that matter ...

You see as Major AaahNaDa says : they will be pressing on regardless of what anyone thinks.

When I published this article previously, my links to the Fiji Times and other Fiji News existed ... now they do not and I cannot reproduce what the news said all that time ago .... however, in short, Bainipajamas has NEVER NEVER NEVER INTENDED TO HOLD ELECTIONS !

So people don't waste your submissions on these goons, it's time to rise up before they kill more people and destroy more of our economy.

It's time to lobby the UN and EU to tell them what it really is like for us in Fiji.

Please see my fellow bloggers site for a reality check : Fiji Free Speech


Anonymous said...

What a classic dummy spit by Bananasinpyjamas!

Poor old President Bernie couldn't stay awake long enough to shake hands with the players at the Fiji / Junior All Blacks game so the FRU asked the NZ High Commissioner to do the job.

Imagine the outrage by Bananasinpyjamas when he saw the NZ fellow getting the TV coverage and not himself; "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" yells Alice in Wonderland.

I'm afraid that it is time to stop pussy footing around. Australia, New Zealand, USA and EU should move a motion in the UN to send a rescue mission to the suffering people of Fiji.

After the motion is passed by the UN Security Council, a couple of hundred soldiers from these countries should be able to disarm RFMF within a few hours. Once this is achieved, the airforce would be able to round up Bananasinpyjamas and his rats at the airport as they try to flee the country.

24 hours later, a civilian committee set up with your former VP as head and 4 representatives from the eminent persons group to guide Fiji to elections within a few months. By August, Fiji would be back on track to peace and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! All of this fuss because one little precious baby got upset because a NZer upstaged him at a rugby match.

An ambulance should take Bananasinpyjamas to St Giles immediately.