Jun 15, 2007


Yes folks - if you don't know it already- believe it !

The reasons, and there weren't any - for "expelling" the NZ High Commissioner were contained in a press release that was so badly written and containing no logic that no one in the whole wide world can make head or tail of it !

In otherwords, it's personal to Bai (Green got a better view than Bai at the rugby nah nah na na na), and another GREAT BIG FAT LIE and excuse to get NZ away from Fiji while Bainibonkers goes begging to Pakistan, India and China .... Bubu is willing to bet my most very flowery chaba and my tekiteki that Fiji in the next couple of months will see an influx of Chinese and Indian nationals and lots of very funny money since he isn't going to get any from the EU or anywhere else to prop up his blatant and bi-polar grab for power. Oh and don't forget, this illegal regime needs more excuses to delay the elections and delay all the other investigations into the deaths they caused . etc. etc. etc. Shame on you Bainipupu ! Think we the people of Fiji can't see through you ? Grow up and get a life ! Oh sorry too late !

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