Jun 17, 2007


Luvequ's - Bubu has been doing some research in the library and talking with a few Dokota's. 

Together we have diagnosed this very dangerous condition that is this man pretending to lead Fiji at this time. Here are a few links for you to try in your own time. Meantime, Bubu was given the following as part of the research group findings. Read and be very afraid for our country and our makabunas.

Psychologically speaking, CrankyFranky is what is called a ‘malignant narcissist.’
DICTIONARY : excessive interest in oneself.


In a nutshell a narcissist is someone who has become hypnotized and entranced by their own inflated self-image, using others as objects to satisfy their own need of self-promotion. The narcissist believes he is the main character in his own movie. Everyone else has a supporting role-- everyone around him becomes a "type."

So the goal is to become the one with the most power and control. Hence, narcissists can be dogmatic ("adultery is immoral!") and hypocritical ("well, she came on to me, and you were ignoring me at home") all at the same time. 

There is no right and wrong-- only right and wrong for them. Here's an exaggerated example: if they have to kill someone to get what they want, then so be it. 

 A narcissist also tries to keep up a certain "look" with a defining characteristic: a certain haircut; a type of clothing such as a uniform used to create an identity in his mind that he will spend a lot of energy keeping up. When narcissists murder or condone murder, they don't actually think what they're doing is wrong--they're saying, "I know it's illegal, but if you understood the whole situation, you'd understand... His pronouncements are a good example of this. Narcissists never feel guilt, shame or sin.

A ‘malignant’ narcissist, however, is a narcissist who reacts sadistically to others who don't support and enable their narcissism. For example, reacting with ruthless contempt for anyone who disagrees with them, always denying the accusation, trying to deflect blame and trying to destroy the messenger. Ultimately, a malignant narcissist wants to annihilate
anyone who in any way threatens their illusory self-image and self-serving agenda.
Malignant narcissists can be very adept at manipulating others and clever at camouflaging their hostile agenda, even to themselves, and can appear to be very normal. To quote the great doctor of the soul, psychiatrist C. G. Jung “only a very small fraction of so-called psychopaths land in the asylum. Many of these so-called seemingly ‘normal’ psychopaths are drawn to positions of power. 

Malignant narcissists are very skilled at entrancing others, at putting other’s under their spell and very talented at hooking others through their fear by using ‘mind-control’ techniques such as lying and propaganda to control them.
The narcissism of a person such as Bai evokes the narcissism inherent in his supporters, who identify with Bai’s seeming certainty and lack of doubt . This creates a very dangerous and pathological situation called “group narcissism,” in which a large group of people have dis-connected from their critical faculties and entrusted their power to their narcissistic leader. A good example of this is Ratu Nailatikau's erratic behaviour on TV when asked about Green. Did you notice that he looked and sounded just like Bai does ?

This is a perversely symbiotic, co-dependent relationship in which all members of the group are colluding with and enabling each other’s narcissism. For example, Bai, in his utter narcissism thinks that God speaks through him. Instead of being seen as deluded, his supporters reflect back to him that they, too, think that God speaks through him. This, of course, just reinforces Bai’s narcissistic delusion. Seeing Bai as God’s instrument concurrently fulfills in the Bai support camp their adolescent fantasy of having someone who is playing the role of the divine leader to protect them. This mutually interdependent and reciprocally reinforcing delusion is what is called a ‘collective psychosis.’
By playing with people’s fear, Bai hypnotizes people to give their power away to him. Unfortunately, by doing this he has hypnotized himself as well, which is to say he is deceiving himself in the process of his deceiving of others. Malignant narcissists are pathological liars. They are very adept at both lying and then believing their own lies. The conviction they carry in this act of self-deception can easily ‘entrance’ people.

A malignant narcissist plays with people’s fears so as to gain their trust and control them, which is based on the abuse of power over others that is the signature of a true dictator.

At their core, a malignant narcissist’s desire is to dominate and have power over others. The perverse enjoyment of complete domination over another person(s), which involves transforming a person into an object (a ‘thing’), in which their freedom is taken away, is the very essence of the sadistic drive. Their sadism is a way of transforming their feelings of powerlessness and impotence into an experience of omnipotence.

A malignant narcissist hasn’t developed a sense of their own authentic self, which is why they are unable to be in genuine relationship with others - witness all the lasaituba afairs Bai has had over the years and the way he has tossed away any friendships he may have had. Psychologically, malignant narcissism is a very primitive and un-evolved state.

Because they don’t relate to other people as independent and separate from their own inflated, narcissist self, the malignant narcissist doesn’t respect other people’s boundaries. Their self-serving, narcissistic illogic allows them to justify, even in the name of God, transgressing other’s boundaries, be them an individual’s civil liberties, or another nation’s sovereignty. Interestingly enough, etymologically, the word “evil” is related to the word “transgress.”
Malignant narcissists are unable to feel empathy for others , have an overwhelming lack of genuine compassion, care only for themselves (therefore, are unable to genuinely mourn) , and are indifferent to other people’s suffering, all the while, though, professing their compassion. If they show grief, however, as master manipulators, it is only done if it is politically correct to do so and to their advantage. They are a true ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’

Malignant narcissists are themselves being used and manipulated like puppets on a string by the more powerful archetypal force. Becoming possessed by an archetype like this, to quote Jung, “turns a man into a flat collective figure, a mask behind which he can no longer develop as a human being, but becomes increasingly stunted.” Jung continues “Since nobody is capable of recognizing just where and how much he himself is possessed and unconscious, he simply projects his own condition upon his neighbor, and thus it becomes a sacred duty to have the biggest guns and the most poisonous gas.” ( Recognise Aiyarse Kaiyum in all this ? How fortunate for Aiyarse that he stumbled upon such a madman.)

Malignant narcissists can seem confident and self-assured, but are, in reality, covering deep insecurities and fears through an inflated self-image. Intense feelings of revenge, fury and rage verging on insanity manifests when their fear is exposed, and their narcissism threatened. At the core of their process is self-hatred, as malignant narcissists split-off and dissociate from a part of themselves. Jung talks about this condition by saying it may even result in “a splitting of the personality, a condition in which quite literally one hand no longer knows what the other is doing…..Ignorance of one’s other side creates great insecurity. One does not really know who one is; one feels inferior somewhere and yet does not wish to know where the inferiority lies, with the result that a new inferiority is added to the original one.” A malignant narcissist falls into an infinite regression of being in denial about being in denial and hiding from their own lies. A malignant narcissist such as Bai is continually in a state of hiding from himself.
Malignant narcissists have contempt for and flagrantly violate the rule of law, which, in their inflation, they believe themselves to be above. “International law” Malignant narcissists, like a true bully, abuse their power simply because they can. They can endlessly ‘talk’ about taking responsibility, but they never genuinely face up to and become accountable for their actions.

Malignant narcissists are unwilling and unable to experience their sense of shame, guilt or sin. This inability to consciously feel their ‘negative’ feelings is at the root of the dynamic in which they dissociate from their own darkness, blaming and ‘projecting the shadow’ out there onto some ‘other.’ This splitting-off and projecting out their own evil results in always having a potential enemy around every corner, which is why malignant narcissists tend towards paranoia. Malignant narcissists continually ‘need’ an enemy and will even create new ones to ensure that they don’t have to look at the evil within their own hearts. They react with aversion to the reflection of their own evil, going so far as to want to exterminate evil (or in Bai's case - "corruption") from the world. Ridding the world of corruption is an act that can never be attained, however, as by ‘projecting the shadow,’ malignant narcissists themselves become the very evil-doer that they see out there and are trying to destroy. Bai has become possessed by the very thing he’s fighting against.

Caught in the vicious cycle of the repetition compulsion of the traumatized soul, malignant narcissists create more of the very evil that they are fighting against, as is evidenced by the way Bai is "fighting corruption". He has become a terrorist in the way he has reacted to this . In essence, Bai is at war with and trying to destroy his own shadow, which is not only a battle that can never be won, but is a form of insanity. And he’s acting it out on the world stage.

Two other malignant narcissists, Hitler and Stalin carried out certain campaigns similar to Bai's "Clean-Up Campaign" which were attempts "to perfect the world by destroying the [projected] impurities." Another modern day malignant narcissist was none other than Saddam Hussein. If left in power, malignant narcissists ultimately destroy themselves and everyone around them.

Malignant narcissists are what are called ‘necrophiles,’ in that their impulses are perversely directed against life, the spontaneity of which they are afraid of, and towards death and destruction, which they are secretly attracted to. To quote the psychologist Eric Fromm, this “severe mental sickness….represents the quintessence of evil; it is as the same time the most severe pathology and the root of the most vicious destructiveness and inhumanity.”

The ‘force’ used by malignant narcissists to achieve their ends, to use Simone Weil’s definition, has the capacity to turn a man into a corpse- literally. To quote Eric Fromm “Just as sexuality can create life, force can destroy it. All force is, in the last analysis, based on the power to kill. I may not kill a person but only deprive him of his freedom; I may want only to humiliate him…...behind all these actions stands my capacity to kill and my willingness to kill.“ Malignant narcissists have a sadistic ‘willingness to kill’ so as to protect their own self-serving delusions, which makes them particularly dangerous, as they will literally stop at nothing to hold onto the position of power they find themselves in. Malignant narcissists are murderers who are criminally insane.

Malignant narcissism is a deadly illness . However, it is an extremely dangerous situation if the malignant narcissist, like Bai, is in a position of power where he can create endless, unnecessary suffering and destruction. 

If we fall under his spell and keep him as leader of this regime by not doing anything now, for another couple years or so , we would be in a situation similar to the Germans in WWII, who, to quote Jung “allowed themselves to be driven to the slaughterhouse by their leading psychopaths like hypnotized sheep.” It is time to wake up from our spell. 

We need to do everything and anything in our power to remove Bai from office, for God’s sake, as well as our own.


Anonymous said...

An excellent article; well researched.

Is there a doctor in Fiji who call on the mental health act and have Bananasinpyjamas certified?

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone tracked down the correct label for the illness. Frank's a shrink's dream and the man that personifies the definition to a T (or N as the case may be). The junta should be seriously asking themselves some questions and get out when they can. One can understand the gutless not being able to say no, but they should be aware the free rise isn't going to last forever. Some of them have a little intelligence even if their instincts for survival and opportunism have temporarily clouded their judgement. If I were one of Frank's boys in green I'd be making sure I was well presented at all times - any sloppiness and he'll soon begin to believe you're a threat! (The Bandmaster could be first in line)

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Dina anon 12.31 am - did you notice how that "uniform" stood out again today at the press conference - and how Lewenski was definitely very sloppy looking next to the "look". Very worrying indeed eh.

Anonymous said...

After listening to Bainiyalewa today on the news. He sounded like an empty vessel making loud noise.. His words really fell to deaf ears when was attacking people who critise him and churches. The man sounded like a mad man. Thankyou for this aritcle now we tackle his mentality.. Also he is a jezebel like that witch in the bible who killed all the prophets and godly people. Bai is also and absalom spirit. Absalom in the bible was davids son but a rebelious kid and a murder.. Vore has both jezebel and absalom spirit with him.. Thats wot i see with this man and a haman in the book of esther the man who tried to hanged the jews people in persia only to find the gallow he set up, was meant for him in the end..So Vore is setting up a gallow to hang the fijian dream.. Little did he knows this very gallow which he called corruption will used against him and his cronies and Fiji will be really free from all the evil leaders in the land..Hes very coup will swallow him up sooner then he expected.

Anonymous said...

The more this idiot opens his mouth the more the fool you can see emerging. He needs to be cut down from his artificial castle built on lunacy very very quickly before he takes the rest of us into the depths of the looney kingdom with him.

Please Lord deliver us a saviour real soon !

Anonymous said...

excellent post - let's not forget his paranoid tendencies either.

Anonymous said...

lets leave mental health to the real experts, which you guys are not.

Anonymous said...

I've just read an article that refers to Frank as "Fiji's Military Strongman". Man the folly of the mainstream media!
Strongmen do not run away!. Strongmen have the courage to own up to their fallabilities.
Strongmen have the ability to recognise their vulnerabilities and accept advice where necessary.
Strong men act on e level playing field - that doesn;t mean beating the shit out of people, allowing alternative opinion (since they're so strong they know their opinions will stand on merit).
Strong men don't look like some camp little munter that has to dress up in white with tassles and sequens to try and convince people.
Deepest sympathy to Mrs Bainimarama!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6:02 - oh and you are the expert ? It is very clear to all and sundry what he is suffering from. I for one know what I am talking about since I know him very well. However this man is no longer the man I used to know - he has turned into a monster - a looney one - and one that always had traits of a narcissist. Now as Bubu has pointed out , its become malignant. To the detriment of our whole nation. I should have fed him some paraquat when I did have the chance.

Anonymous said...

Man this is scary but spot on!!!! Your well researched piece bubu, best describes the nightmare that Fiji is facing right now...a man who badly needs divine help.

Anonymous said...

Bubu, Vinaka for putting it out there. you have references from the Freedom Bloggers!

After reading this, people should start thinking seriously about getting rid of Voreqe. He may be a puppet but a very dangerous one.

Anonymous said...

Good one bubu. Please forward this to Bai. Also maybe now is the time to request Australia and New Zealand send their troops in as I fear there is going to be more blood spilt if this IG nightmare is not stopped soon. A dwarf called Driti was heard on radio this evening challenging ANZUS to "bring it on". Bai's delusions have certainly rubbed on to this midget who thinks he is a giant!.
God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Bubu for the great research you carried out in writing this article. It gives us more understanding of VB and increases our abhorence of the situation our country is in. God Bless you for the good work you are doing for us all.

Anonymous said...

And now, today 22/6/07, we have yet another example of how Frank perceives things.
He is now referring to his meeting in Wellington back in December 06 between himslef and Qarase immediately prior to the coup. In the latest quote (Fiji Times) he says "New Zealand failed to resolve the issues between him and Qarase".
Excuse me Frank?
The intent was never for NZ to do that but to "mediate", "negotiate", provide 2 supposedly adult men a platform to discuss things and come to a comprise, to communicate, etc. etc. etc.
Good God! It's ALL ABOUT FRANK isn't it? I I I I ME ME ME ME ME, does my ass look fat in this white uniform?
So now you are suggesting the differences between you and LQ are NZ's Fault?. Couldn't possibly be anything to do with you could it?
Couldn't possibly be that you are so weak that you could not say NO to the people you'd puffed up with your machismo ego bullshit that you cannot admit that you left that meeting and sat on the return journey home figuring out what bullshit you were going to spin in order to remain looking OK, WHilst EVERYONE ELSE in that meeting left with a different impression.
Man what a fuck wit!. Please - for your own sake and the pride of your family (Don't cause them further embarassment), either grow some balls or just admit you're a self obsessed gutless little queen that's all image and no substance. Hopefully one day we might meet. My cousin knows you well (including your illness), but I'd love to give you the opportunity to put your bullshit money where your pussy little mouth is.
As a pacifist, one sometimes wonders what they are capable of - you know the kind of thing - I would be capable of ripping the shit out of someone that abused my children. I'd have been capable of pulling a trigger on Adolf Hitler, just as I would Mugabe. Frank - you continue to earn yourself the distinction of being included amongst luminaries such as those.
What a pathetic little wanker.

Anonymous said...

When the whole world heard the Interim Idiot say that Fiji was kicking out NZ Ambassador Michael Green on the grounds that he was "in our face" it must have made 'em laugh 'emselves silly!!!

Was Freaky Frank off his own face when he said Green was in ours???

Let's face it, Frank yer the freakin idiot of the whole global village!!! The only "face" you need to worry about is your own cos makin a freaking idiot ofyerself in front of so many people equals complete loss of face!!!

But, hey, Freak, that's not all bad!!!...Loss of face means yer don't have a face for anyone to be into!!! Do ya feel better already???

And saying the FRU did Fiji a "disservice" was example #105 as to why you should have never been allowed past kindergarten!!!

Sometimes its easy to forget that you are a former president of the FRU, cos you know absoloooootly nuthin' about traditional rugby sportsmanship!!!

Or are you really saying YOU should have been the dude on the day???

In that case, if an INterim Idiot (that's you Freak) and your rotten IG(norant) cannot organise the seating at a rugby match, what makes you think you can run a whole freaking country???

Hey Freak, time to face the truth about exactly who is in whose face...;everyone knows who's been in Fiji's face since 5 December!!! You and yer freakin guns, thats who!!!

Dan the Man from Brisbane