Jun 26, 2007

Violence begets violence. Don't lose sight of the Issues, Fiji.

Totally consistent with the biblical commandment that Thou shalt not kill, violence and war never will solve deep rooted problems in Fiji or in the world.

Violence begets more violence and the spiral becomes never ending in tit-for-tat killings to the point where the combatants forget what they are even fighting for or against.

We must NEVER lose sight of the Principles and Values we the FIJI FREEDOM BLOGGERS are fighting for .

"Why Fiji Is Crying Blog Site" must realize and understand that by highlighting a blogger's comment that encourages violence against tourists and others, they are :

a) doing the rest of the Fiji Freedom Bloggers a disservice for we wish to promote sensibility, rationale and respect for the rule of law in our approach to solving our national problem

b) bringing into disrepute the majority of Fijian people who are law-abiding, kind-hearted, God- fearing people.

c) being manipulated by that person or persons - who Bubu thinks is actually from the Army who are taking the terrorist tack of : "we expect your retaliation; it's what unites us and divides you." !

So WFC - if you are reading this - think about it .
Someone who is in the army has deliberately set out to trap you and you have fallen into it. Please kindly climb out of your pit, and soldier on with the issues so that we are ALL united on the issues. Indeed if we are not, it will be our downfall. We owe it to the people of Fiji and the thousands of people who log onto our sites to be united in our battle. We are fighting for the same things are we not WFC ?

An Irishman once sung "an eye for an eye for an eye, until everybody is blind." He was talking about the situation in Belfast in the early 1980's in which there was so much retaliation on both sides that everybody was blind in both their justice and their hatred.

The conflict has now simmered into non-existence because more rational minds have negotiated for a better future for all citizens rather than particular special interests. I am sure that the rest of the Fiji Freedom Bloggers would agree that we wish to do the same here.

Everyday while we personally deal with our own battles to survive Bai's madness, we have to continually ask the question: Is this really what Jesus would teach us to do? Is this what Allah would teach us to do? Is this what Lord Shiva would have us do? Is this what Buddha would teach us ?

I beg all of you to consider these questions deeply and profoundly in your hearts and consider what your personal God would have you do. Luvequ's, please don't let anger or violent opinion cloud your sensibilities and your innate godliness.

May God protect and guide Fiji. Onward march Fiji Freedom Bloggers !

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your views on violence. I believe the people of your website show a clear understanding of the teachings of our Lord and Saviour and I hope that there are many, many poeple who read your wise words because I know there are hundreds of thousands of people in Fiji who follow God and do NOT believe in those that use violence.
As the Holy Bible says (PS140:3,4)... "Mo ni vakabulai au mai vua na tamata loma kaukauwa."