Jul 2, 2007

Bubu's Lament

I am your bubu.
I’m really very nice.
I help you loving citizens
And give you good advice!

Your Government has departed
Your income cut too low.
I’m really very sorry,
Unions too will soon have to go

(- Oilei - breaking news - passports have run out again ! Arre Arre )

The goons have been abusive?
They beat you black and blue?
No one to help you,
And no one talking too !

The nation has a problem,
For 7 months some are not too clever
The goons in green - yes them
Have spit on Democracy forever

Rabaka, Verebesaqa & Malasebe
Their families need respite;
The Nation waits for answers
The Army hiding answers tight !

Bai tells us he does not care,
Military appointments hide his affairs
Missing Regimental Funds
And Police Files all "lost" in thin air

Lewenski says its none of our concern
They will take more of what they seek,
Take all our freedoms - bugger what we think
And spend what they like per week !!

The InHumane Commission can't protect us ,
Shaista shakes kutu's from her mane
She and Aiyass - no ethics on their bus
Interference in the Judiciary their aim

Bainimarama thinks he is Django or Jesus
Acting in his personal schizo movie
To be "transparent and pure" he sneezes
" Oh notchi" my makabuna cries - Vore is SOOO NOT groovy

With a cast of goons in posse
Arbitary terminations without cause - like a bad novel
We watch in disbelief - oilei ni sa moce
As our Fiji becomes a hovel!

The good judges know that we the people are right,
With us they will agree
While la-la-Bernie flies the world at night
We await our chances with Fatia-ki

And Bai said "Take them out"
Naipoto says "Yes Sir"
Cameron, Mason, Green and Field out with a pout
Any resistance becomes a blur

The people they are hurting - no jobs and pay cuts,
Bloggers say what the people think.
The Regime think only image as they are but mutts
and spout daily, LIES about everythink.

Chaudry talks to China, Cuba and India in secret,
Offers our land and people without our say so
And Chand bleats "good governance" to fret
How absurd - the people are not stupid - yo !

Our makabunas are learning bad things,
Disrespect and bullies, no manners and no care
Bainimarama and his cast of "nings-nings"
Must to treason and prison to bear

So now you know why
The goons never will want elections
And to the EU and UN will delay and lie
It is clear, they want all Power and - ATTenTions !

So luvequs - rise up and take up your sasa's
Kua na galu ! Make a stand ! Off your muna's !
Power back to the Bubu's ,Tutu's and Tata's
For the future of Viti's Makabunas


Anonymous said...

Good one Bu - oilei what can we say! This situation is no joke no more. Did you see Chaudry telling us people to "do our part"? As usual Chaudry is blaming everyone else except himself about the economy:

Do our part ???? Pardon ?? His sorry ^&%$* got us into this mess, how dare he says : "do our part"! DOSI !

Why am I getting a very strong feeling that this coup is all about these fallas feathering their own nests in their twilight years ? I would love to hear your comments Bubu.

Keep The Faith said...

YAHOOOOO -- Bulls-eye again Bubu!

Anonymous said...

bubu sa salulu dina o iko...

Anonymous said...

Pathetic display of intelligence.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Aaaiii - au kaya mada! Vinaka luvequ!