Jul 23, 2007

A few more tiny pushes in a Mad Week

The last week or so was quite mad - featuring a pathetic display of people in the pretend government clutching at straws, embarking on wishful thinking and just being plain Nutty.


Meanwhile Poser Bune shows the thinking that the illegal govt has toward our most valued educated and experienced assets like our nurses . He says they simply do not value them - this is part of the comment he makes :
"I think the more that leave our shores the better for us too because we can address our employment problem "
Shows just where his priorities lie. Shame on you Bune !

Also this week in the  first chapter this week of clutching at straws, the illegal Education Minister said he would be asking all the OLD (ie. over 55) RETIRED TEACHERS to fill in the gaps . This is the height of insolence not to mention arrogance. If the regime does not require the services of the GOLDEN OLDIES in the first place, then why are they asking them to support them now !!! 

As an older teacher, there is no way I am going to be part of this 'contingency plan'.


And then we had to sit through coverage of the pretend AG reading out a letter supposedly from the President regarding names for the Fatiaki Tribunal. Aiyass and his leaders have insulted Fiji's entire national intelligence again by thinking we are all fools. 

We all know this was an excuse to delay dealing with the Fatiaki issue. Even my 8 year old makabuna thought he was lying. The EU know this too despite Aiyass's BS. Not only did the letter not even sound like Rt Iloilo wrote it, but Aiyass was mouthing a blatant lie ! Not unlike Milly Vanilli .


In the second chapter of clutching at straws , the pretend Transport person Manu Korovulavula said he/they have plans to "fix" the infrastructure of roading and water all the way from China. I couldn't believe my ears - money is going to fall out of the heavens and into regime arms. Hmm.


And there was a good letter in the paper this week from Tui Savu re : the so called People's Charter - Tui says :

The People's Charter proposed by the interim regime is anathema to the Fijians and all things Taukei. I am bewildered by how Bainimarama and his Fijian colleagues in the interim Cabinet can countenance the boldest move ever to deprive Fijians of their natural inheritance.

What has caused them to be so gullible to such a charter that would have caused the founding fathers of modern Fiji to turn in their graves? Their willingness to trade off or compromise what is venerated to indigenous Fijians reveals their degree of indebtness to their coup advisors because there is simply no other reasonable explanation.

The charter mentions the review of all indigenous Fijian institutions, including the GCC, under the pretext of improving Fijian governance and freeing up of land in the pretext of access to land and land usage.

Which leads me to whats been going on behind the scenes , where there is a slow but deathly roll out of land grab policies by Epeli Ganilau (nickmnamed the 50c man) and his gang of thieves with the following "actions" taken by positioning themselves behind the power of the bullet :
  • sidelining the GCC
  • rejecting land tribunal proposals
  • meddling in the affairs of NLTB
  • trumpeting the farming the land concept from China and turning a blind eye to the conditions with which this scheme will come
  • easing the importation of Chinese nationals to do this work by granting Chinese a visa-less status.

Then Vili Naupoto aired the junta's views in this article (sadly he doesn't have any views of his own) saying:

"History though has proven that military training is better than democracy ".

Don't know what history books he has been reading but they show a very sick and perverted way of thinking.

Vili , I and many people who (used to) know you, are sickened and saddened by your parroting. You used to be an honourable man. Don't you have a brain anymore? Or is your salary more important to you? Have ALL your principles and moral values deserted you ? Sad. Bad and Mad. Nutty even.


And then we watch horrified as alpha male posturing in the corridors of pretend power shout for Banuve's head. This is horrifying and frightening ! All people of this country should be crying out at the rape of confidentiality and the precedent that this blatant law-breaking action by the illegal and pretend anti corruption unit, is setting. 

Not only is FICAC unconstitutional, it is highly illegal and they are only acting out the petulant moods of the country current dictator and his lackeys !

The crux of the matter is as Mr Josaia Gonewai (FIRCA Staff Association Chairman) says
"The confidentiality clauses included in the Income Tax Act and VAT Decree is the source of this saga that has called the resignation of Mr Banuve,"
"We should be reminded that laws are made to be followed with reasons and are not enacted for the purpose of doing so."
Mr Gonewai said in this case Mr Banuve had been requested to break the laws of the country by surpassing the confidential clause in the Income Tax Act and VAT Decree, which had direct legal catastrophic consequence for future liability claim against FIRCA for the breaching of the said clause.

He said the Association executives called on the interim regime to respect the rule of law and not to put its members in future legal litigation against members of the public of breaching its own law thus compromising its status to the local and International arena."

Good on you Josaia - and Tevita - you make sure you stand your ground. Chain yourself to you desk man. You have every right to protect our confidentiality and our rights as taxpayers. As much as I hate paying taxes to you for the funding of all the illegals now, you must stand firm and stand up for the rule of law.


I was very saddened to read of the excesses that the Methodist Church is forcing on it's members in August for the conference in Macuata. Considering the state of the country right now and the poor state of people, for the Methodists to insist on the choirs and the functions, and the hire of buses and boats and other transport and all the accompanying excesses that go with this is just plain inconsiderate, appalling and nutty, not to mention the plan for turtle meat and the blatant disregard of tradition and conservation here. 

People are going to say to me - but they are not being forced. 

We all know what the spirit of competition does and what it brings out in our most generous hearted of Fijian people. There are already very poor people being made poorer everyday in our neighbourhood and yet these people are borrowing from everyone and veiwekani to participate - all for image - not for God's glory. 

My family have been approached no less than 6 times from different relations for this. I have had to turn them all down - as I will not support this excess. I have 8 extra people now in my household to support that have lost their jobs. The Church isn't supporting them. My husband and I are, with God's help. 

I would have a lot more respect for the Methodist Church if they had postponed this conference in consideration of our current plight or were doing a lot more with what they have in the social welfare field. Look at the lines of people at the social welfare offices ! This sight should never be seen in Fiji ! Tied into this are the allocation of Fijian priorities - people would do well to read Rt Joni's comments along these lines which the Church could help articulate.

TV IMAGES shooting poses

Lastly but not lastly - did you feel what we felt when we watched TV images on Friday night ? They were philistine, un-fijian, abhorrent,and quite vomitous.  It was the grossest display of brazen insanity AND irresponsibility by police and army trying to intimidate the people of Fiji . 

I felt sick to my stomach, then had to try and explain these images to my makabuna. Shame on the army !


My hats off to Taniela Tabu and Attar and Kuini - you stick to your guns people. The whole of Fiji (but for a few nuts ) are right behind you.

As Jean D'Ark said last week on another blog :
"It is indisputably obvious by now that Frank and his IG are way out of their depth. And they are trying to pursue goals that simply cannot be achieved in the way they are attempting to achieve them. They are using a failed governance model, on a flawed and unconvincing roadmap, in the complete absence of the oxygen of leadership skills and mana. They are leaders without followers on a meandering tour around wonderland, sounding out a forlorn clarion call that inspires no-one! "
I hope next week is much better for everyone. God Bless

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