Jul 25, 2007

Support for the Nurses and the Vatukoula kids

To Kuini and her courageous band of nurses - congratulations for sticking to your guns. Be brave - everyone is behind you. To support our nurses families you may contact the Nurses on the following contact numbers (thanks to WFC for this information)

Cash Donations can be wired or deposited directly into their account

Account Name - Fiji Nursing Association
Account Type - General
Bank - Westpac Banking Corporation
Account Bank Branch - Westpac Main Branch, Suva, Fiji Islands
Account Number - 371-870-00
Donations in kind can be delivered directly to picketing stations Fiji wide or to
FNA Head Office
29 McGregor Road, Suva, Fiji Islands
Ph - (679) 3305855
Fax - (679)3304881
E-mail - fna@connect.com.fj

In the meantime thanks to Danny Costello making us aware (danny@danielrae.com) it seems we have a crisis unfolding in Vatukoula with children starving and families facing major difficulties feeding themselves and their children. People are now stealing to feed their children. Very sad scenario. The illegal government has just coughed up $111,000 of our taxpayer funds for our rugby world cup team while these people go hungry. How sad and nutty is this scene ?

They Mayor of Tavua has set up a Vatukoula Families Relief Fund Committee to coordinate the distribution of rations and food to between 4000 - 6000 people in this area who relied on the Goldmines for their living. There is no alternative work in the area and they cant move to find work without money.
We need to help these families people.
The contact person apart from the mayor is Rusila Ralulu whose cell phone is 9271043.
The Mayor has assured us that all funds in this account will go towards buying food and clothing for these families and pay children's school fees. You may make donations to bank account that has been set up by the Mayor in Tavua as follows : Bless you people, please donate any spare change you might have to assist our makabunas in need. Vinaka
Swiftcode is ANZBFJFX
ANZ Account Number 0008361742


Anonymous said...

Vinaka Nau - our womens group here in Brisbane will be contributing to the Vatukoula kids - this is so very sad and unecessary that this should be happening on our Fiji, Isa what happened to our caring and sharing culture ? Please conti nue to keep us updated.

Malevu Womens Club

Anonymous said...

Now the people of Fiji is just begining to experience the effects of this coup by RtJosefa/Vore/Chaudary/Nailatikau/Ganilau/Shasista/Aiyas and the Fiji Labour party.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Vinaka Malevu Womens Club - thank you for sharing your prayers with us. I hope to get more information from the Mayor of Tavua soon and will email this to you as soon as I get it.