Aug 13, 2007

A Matter of Sensitivity

Bubu and her secret society of OB's (other busybody's) held our fortnightly undercover meeting last week. In amidst the draunimoli and sikone, babakau and kokoda, someone produced a glossy magazine called MaiLife.

Luvequ's ! A picture on the cover JUMPED out at us all.
Woilei - it was a picture of Fiji's own Miss Sham Shame.

She was pointing a gun!

And she looked like she hated whoever she was pointing it at.
This was of course, us, because we were looking at her! Of course she hates us . But we knew that !

So Ragone, we turned inside to read about why she was pointing a gun. Dou, dua la na ka na viavia levu - na ka e sega na betena sara .. etc etc ... much unprintable commenting ensued ... and the air turned a bright shade of BB (bubu blue) - very unbecoming of elder citizens !

Seriously aside from the jibes, the story was seriously so ridiculous. I would have been ashamed if I was her to have it printed. In normal times, this would be a "normal" story of a career woman, but to appear on the cover of a "national" magazine pointing with a gun in these VERY TRYING TIMES, is the height of insensitivity and bloated arrogance. So what if shooting is her personal hobby ?! There is a time and a place to be viavia about what she does in her personal time.

The whole of Fiji for the last 8 months have had the dakai pointing at our head, our economy, our rights , our freedoms, our personal liberties, our makabuna's futures, our poor nurses and workers losing our wages and our jobs, all because there is a clique of people in this country including Shyster wishing to bend us to their will for power hungry reasons and personal vendettas, take our hard earned tax money, and feather their own nests. And she has the TEMERITY to appear with a gun in her hand! Oso harp harp karaiki baini !

This is a person who has a vindictive personal agenda, who cares more about animal rights that about people's human rights in Fiji, Rabaka's death, Viri and Laisa's, Tabu or Ulai's torture to name a few. And who is very oddly also starting to sound like the narcissist called Bainipajamas.

After reading this piece of VEVEKA , and with apologies to what each of us had contributed to the table, we the secret Society of Bubu's went outside and had a group Hhhrrphk Phit !


Anonymous said...

Isa Nau vinaka - add that new word to the vocab for around the grog bowl - Hhhrrphk Phit - Bubu you just kill us but we love you !

Anonymous said...

Bubu, after reading this story, I too have gone and had, as we less elegantly say in Australia, a good chuck.

Keep The Faith said...

Haha...sprung BIG TIME...but I think the expression on her face makes her look extremely worried/unsure and she should be because the saying that one who lives by the gun will die by it often rings true...

So there ya go Shyster...prepare to give the full frontal to a loaded barrel lady...are you sleeping well at nite? Didn't think so...cus the bags under your eyes need steel pipes to prop em up.

She is a psycho in the making and thats not surprising vis a vis "birds of a feather" etc etc with Frank, Ma'chaud, I-Arse, etc etc

Anonymous said...

Well you know after reading the Fiji Times article where she says things like "rightsizing" and thumbs her nose at the EU funding for the FHRC staff, we were wondering over here in our office whether ShamSham is engaging in some private yoga mantra with Baini or fluttering eyelashes together - woilei they do sound very similar dont you think ?!!!!!

Eeeeuuuwww ! Vasisila !

Anonymous said...

I think MAILIFE were just tring to expose the real dumb stupid woman that she is....via via va gun to i vei....


Anonymous said...

Great to hear the EU spokeperson accuse shyster of "bending the truth" after shyster's effort at trying to put a positive spin on her failures.

Anonymous said...

Nice try from the tinani puaka lamusona o shyster! Me daru sota mamaca mada and i'll hve you pointing your hobby gun at your own temple and squeezing the trigger before your sidekick leweni can even say Ahhhh....!!!

Shyster, u're one bara psychopathic shamemimi! Go shoot yourself, you lowlife swine!!