Aug 21, 2007

The Devil at Play in Fiji


Anonymous said...

Joker, jerk, twit or dork? Hit me someone and wake me from this bad dream !
Its a massive joke having someone like this calling himself PM of our country - wannabe twittirama of the century !

Moce Jo !

Anonymous said...

I have already nominated BainiJoker for some of the following awards :

I think jokers in pajamas has a very good chance of winning which should make him a very happy man - he will be needing to be cheered up when Lewenski leaves for China to learn Chinese ... Wai Yu Lif !

Keep The Faith said...


Too GOOD Bu!!!

Anonymous said...

A Cargo Transporting 16 wheeler is traveling from Nausori through Colo-i-Suva via Nabua to Walu Bay. The truck driver radios back to Head Office Manager.

"Boss, I gotta helluva problem here. I hit the pig with the ute. The pig's OK, but he's stuck in the bullbars at the front of my truck and is wriggling and squealing so much I can't get him out."

The manager says,"Ok, there's a .303 Rifle behind the seat. Take it, shoot the pig in the head and you'll be able to remove him."

Five minutes later the truck driver calls back, "I did what you said boss. Took the 303, shot the pig in the head and removed him from the bull-bars. No problem there, but I still can't go on".

"Now what's the problem?" raged the Manager.

"Well boss, it's his 4x4 .It's stuck under the right-front wheel arch together with all his bodyguards"

"... You there Boss?"

Anonymous said...

Well done Bubu!

Your art work is brilliant.

Hello Ameni! I am sitting laughing loudly at the thought of major loonie speaking Chinese; not laughing at the language but at how the Chinese are going to translate all of his ooohhs and aahhhhhhaaass.

Unknown said...

WAts the happenin bloggers well looks likje you're all havin fun.Luv you to much bu hope to hear more from!!!!!!