Sep 3, 2007

Welcome Back Mr Laisenia Qarase

We the people of Fiji are very excited to have you back. We wish you all the best reuniting with your loved ones Sir. We are looking forward very much to having the voice of reason back in our midst after much Alice in Wonderland madness where we too almost lost our minds.

With you in solidarity to getting our beloved nation back on track to elections.
For Fiji EVER Fiji !


Unknown said...

Hear! Hear! I support this post 100%

Just Me said...

Bubu you rock! Your graphics are just way cool.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bubu - we wondered where you were ... yes and welcome back Laisenia Qarase .... hasnt it been refreshing to see the huge difference between Qarase and the goons in green - the difference is just like a pistol whip in your face - its that MASSIVE ! Moce Bai and associate dicks !

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bubu.
was wondering where you'd all gone :)

lets start things rolling now with LQ back in town, start distracting this IG with our thorn in their side (and elsewhere)

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Vinaka Raho - Bubu is back with a vengeance, however the madness has been overwhelming for me at my age.

I still can't believe all these MAD people that have usurped power in this country.

Obviously they love it too much to give it up ... and you know things are going to go topsy turvey when they decide to usurp the Salaries Commission and decide to give themselves whatever pay they desire - HAH ! SO MUCH FOR CARING FOR THE PEOPLE !!!

It is all Bull&%$# as the makabunas say.

And for the all the people that can't see that this is ALL ABOUT POWER , all they have to do is look at whats happening to Vatukoula - just because the illegal government can't have their way, they could not give a %$#^&@ about the people who are STARVING there !!!!

I better stop there luvequ e tubu sara vaka levu noqu blood pressure!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back racist PM, you gave $8m for FAB and $4m for Multi Ethnic Affairs.Where is the justice? Publish this if you have the guts!!

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Ay Anon - what kind of childish comment is that ? You sound like one of those idiots at QEB - same illogic. Please comment more sensibly next time.

Parents please note Anon needs to pay more attention to detail in school and less time playing under his desk.

Vinaka luvequ.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning,you know where !
I note that anon had something to say,although I don't agree , in fact I don't even know the true facts anyway,I respect His or Her right to comment . I suggest that those more wise , rather than admonish Him / Her for voicing a different opinion , that you explain it to Him/Her and me so we can know the facts ! Knowledge is power , ignorance is bliss !