Sep 25, 2007

Dear UN

Io eh ? For someone who is so contemptuous of anyone else's opinion - let alone leaders of Fiji's best friends and neighbours - why is he going to "plead" to the UN ? Denitoa ga na vosa viavia. Can't you think of anything else to placate the people Voreqe ?

What is your visit proving when the world already knows you are a liar , a murderer and an unwanted dictator.

This is a man who has 2 brains; one is lost and the other is out looking for him. Isa what a shame for us in Fiji to have someone like this representing himself as our leader.

The Fijian nation urges the world to know that this man does not have our mandate to call himself such a thing.

No way. Never.

Well now that we have seen and heard this man speak at the UN, it is really a blessing that the microphone wasn't switched on as he began his speech when he said " Ladies and Gentlemen of the UN, allow me to introduce my selves".

Woilei turaga .... and even more shameful and madua as this man spewed out lie after lie purporting to speak on our behalf as a nation.

I really wanted to die.

BUT I won't take this lying down.

We the people of Fiji will fight you Bainimarama until the day we die.

Don't forget this boy - the cows ARE coming home to roost!


Anonymous said...

Look who's been invited to speak at the UN along with demon possessed Baini Marama. Ahmadinejad the demon possessed president of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant drawing Bubu!

Emperor bananasinpyjamas on his knees at the UN rostrum begging the world to understand him.

Bad luck sport; the UN is about ridding the world of selfish, self imposed dictators.

Hopefully for Fiji, the world will see, during his 30 seconds of fame, the paranoia of this deranged parasite.

Anonymous said...

The British Prime Minister said today,'NO INJUSTICE WILL LAST FOREVER' To Vore Baini Marama and your illegal government; The writing is on the wall, your days are numbered because 'NO INJUSTICE WILL LAST FOREVER'.You will reap exactly what you sow, more than you sow,very very soon.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the truths that bananasinpyjamas should have mumbled yeaterday:-

* numerous people murdered by his green goons

* the economy is in a nose dive since his coup d'etat

* numerous people illegally detained, bashed and humiliated

* soldiers dressed as police on the streets keeping opposing military factions apart

* tourism has taken a downturn since his illegal occupation of the country

* the sugar industry has declined

* his illegal 'ministers' keep fueling racial tensions

* all decisions in Fiji are made by a military council

* the citizens of Fiji are frightened to speak because of emergency regulations

* soldiers placed in all ministries to destroy incriminating eveidence against him, his tax cheat treasurer and others

* etc

Anonymous said...

Wailei Bubu - chickens roost - cows hmmm? cows come home to chew the cud maybe ..... anyway looking forward to seeing your herd of cows come home through that gate. We will bring ours too Bu. God bless you and the bloggers.

Anonymous said...


a word thrown around at will by the green goons and the jaundiced junta.

It is now apparent that the world now considers bananasinpyjamas as 'insignificant'.

Well done the Italians.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bu....trues emabrrassing the way this man goes on and on...just like he thinks he's God's gift to mankind or must have given one of his "selves" as you call it a shot of pride that he was given a chance to speak....but we all know that he is just plain stupid and dumb!

Anonymous said...

one day mafatu someone will get you Baini