Oct 20, 2007

Ah ?


Can anyone explain this lunatic statement?


Anonymous said...

Going to Tonga was such a waste of our money - Voreqe goes there and breathes out, his minders say oi bosso we have to go (listen to the interview in Tonga closley when they realise he is going to be blurting blurting and getting hysterical, and you can hear the minder talking to him) . Then after the Forum says that Voreqe has accepted that the elections can go ahead, and that anyone can stand , he then says oh but only when we change the constitution ...

EITHER you do or you don't

OR he LIED the first time


then LIED again.

Come on Vore - what the hell is it!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It simply means if the Militry Council does not like the newly elected government, they have a piece of document (never mind the legality) which gives them the "mandate" to stage another coup! Yes, Fiji is a coup coup land and there is little hope for true democracy unless the RFMF accepts and respects the elected civilian government.