Oct 20, 2007

Read all about it - Fiji's "Saviour"

De 2nd coming se cava ?

As the makabunas say, "O notchi"

Doesn't all this crap make you want to vomit ?

Don't Bai, Ului and the other Alice's get it?

The majority of the people of Fiji are sick and tired of all the posturing and posing by the goons and the beneficiaries of the coup, the FLP backers of the coup and the coup apologists holding our beautiful country to ransom, thinking they are doing us all a favour - thinking they know what is best for us.

It is time they pissed off back to the barracks and we the people of Fiji disbanded the whole army.

It is time for the people of Fiji to say NO to this so called People's Charter . What a load of da!

What - did God give these junta special dispensation to tell us that we erred when we the taxpayers and voters of this land spoke at the last elections ?

Give it up all of you who are profiting from this sinful regime and who are dragging the rest of the country down the proverbial sewage pipe and most of all , STOP the cowardice which is hiding behind the gun!

People of Fiji - JUST SAY NO to this silly charter of an excuse to rape our nation.

There is nothing wrong with our Constitution. It is the basis upon which the rule of law stands and respect for the rule of law lies.

The rule of law embodies the simple principle that all state officials, whether elected or non-elected, should act within the law and the constitution, on the basis of powers that are legally circumscribed.

So far all we have seen of these coup-takers is a blatant disregard of and perversive warping of our law's (and interpretations of our laws), and brazen interference with the organs of State.

The people behind this coup are attacking and raping the very core of what makes us uniquely Fijian. And in the process trying to destroy the moral, lawful and spiritual fabric of our society.

Let us jointly stop this process now . Do not support this Charter (Shudder !)

Alice - I say Bring on the Referendum ! The people of Fiji will speak to you SOON !

PS : Could someone ask RabuKamaSutra to shut his mouth ! He was the maqe who started all this monkey business. Perhaps he is STILL the monkey on the back ???


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember you wrote about this somwehere b4 but in any case I agree with you Rabuka is just ridiculous in his utterings. Keepp going Bubu. You help us remember why we are resisting these people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bubu for articulating our thoughts so well.