Jan 11, 2008

37 years of Fijian Independence


Anonymous said...

Just as everybody knew, the police have admitted today that they do not have any evidence against the 11 men falsely accused of plotting against bananasinpyjamas.

I hope that the police now take the 30 officers wasting their time in this silly pursuit, and put them to work solving a real crime; the influence of the triad in Fiji in exchange for money to support bananasinpyjamas' illegal jaundiced junta.

Anonymous said...

I cant even begin to imagine the cost to us taxpayers for this enormous waste of time

Anonymous said...

Great pix! It aptly reflects a nation divided by the pettiness and greed of a few who hold us back from growing up! We need to purge this country of these out-dated lot and we must keep exposing them for who they are!

Vinaka Bubu!