Jan 14, 2008

Liar, Liar? How Can You Tell?

Doesn't it make you sick to see the continued spew diet of lies and deciept this regime gives us every day ?

The latest is Iyarse trying to tell us there is nothing wrong with him being in charge of other portfolios as well as governing one of them with his bro who has not commercial experience or business doing what he's doing .... plus how did his brother being a NZ citizen get this job over other more well qualified Fiji Citizens ?

Oh don't bother answering that question. The answer is spelled N-E-P-O-T-I-S-M. I will not even attempt to talk about Iyarse's extreme incompetence in the job that has decided that $1million go into defending court cases this year .......... of our money!!!!

Urrggghhhhhh !

You wait Iyarsi - I have a copy of your thesis that I have prepared specially with chillii and salato leaves to placee in the appropriate placee when our day of emancipation arrives. You will be calling for God's mercy I promise you !


Anonymous said...

Dont worry Bubu, we all pah pah pah when these people come on the radio and TV to talk about their rubbish. Its like watching our own comic show exept its not funny. Dokadoka butabuto !

Anonymous said...

Honestly, no one takes this clown seriously. 1 day this will come to an end, as Bune and Waradi are already finding out. You'll get yours....

Anonymous said...

I arse and his face both look the same, one keeps looking at the other, and they both try and outdo each other with stink noises and lie bomb attacks. Oh and Nazrat Ali must be a relli, they both have that totally sickening look.....I just had to say it!!lol