Jan 26, 2008

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!

In his quote taken from the poem Marmion, Sir Walter Scott was affirming that conspiracies have always been a reoccurring matter. I also wonder whether the original word was "practise" ? This would make a great difference in meaning.

Same same but different ? Or different but same ?

Whichever way it is, what is fact is that Voreqe Bai & Mahen Chaudary's coup started with a conspiracy to deceive the people of Fiji and was based on a pack of lies and continues to this day with more lies piled high.

To break through this quagmire of the military fed web of deceit, we need the truth.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers and blog contributors, and certain mainstream journalists, the truth has and is being enabled so that the bullshiteese going on behind the scenes with those that have grabbed power illegally by the gun in Fiji, can be revealed to us all.

I have been looking back in my archives and have saved a smattering of comments from the Freedom Blogger contributer Jean D'Ark whose writings I consider to be some of the most prognostic , sane, refreshing, truthful and enlightened observations I have seen in regards to our situation.

I reproduce Jean's comment here initially penned last year in regards to the LIE that is the Military Charter.

"It is not for people like Frank, or Tikoitoga or Yabaki or VTS to assume or assert that just because they think their own views are more enlightened, or “modern”, or ethical, than others, that they have the right to force their views on them.

First of all, that is a completely arrogant attitude - analogous even to the kind of condescension that produced, say, Australia’s “stolen generation”! As such I would refer to it as “neo-colonialist”

Secondly, it is a complete misreading of the whole point of democracy.

Democracy is not, as the Charter seems to believe, about shepherding the majority into a particular, pre-determined political viewpoint and attitude.

Rather, democracy is about finding out how to rule ourselves from amongst an abundance of competing political viewpoints, through discovery of the majority view via the processes of parliamentary debate, media reporting, public lobbying, and free & fair elections.

And finally, the current Charter arrogance is a completely arbitrary position because it could be made to work in absolute reverse without any difficulties at all.

I could just go and hire my own mercenaries, takeover Government, and put in my own Charter, and expect Frank and Mahen and Co. to toe my line. And I would get exactly the same resistance from them that Frank and Parmesh are getting now against the Military Charter!

Moreover, the Military Charter appears to be an attempt to “sugar-coat” the Regime’s politics in the promise of economic re-structure.

John Sami has a long CV of restructure expertise and experience around the Pacific, having been involved in the successful restructures of Samoa, Vanuatu etc.

The problem is, none of those initiatives are dependent on coups, or the Regime’s own particular brand of politics.

They can be enacted regardless of who is in power, so long as those people are not averse to a bit of conservative economics, or some short-term economic pain! Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!

In any event, all you have to do to see the likelihood of success for this philosophy of macro-economic solutions to cultural issues, is to look at what the broad macro-economic success of nations like America, Australia & New Zealand has done for their indigenous populations!

Finally, if the Military Charter is going to be enacted regardless of whether the people agree to it or not, then what is the point?

As the last Hong Kong Governor, Chris Patten said, when referring to Chinese opposition to his democratic reforms -
”If my neighbor threatens me that he is going to come to my house and break all my windows tomorrow, does that mean that I have to go around today and break them all myself?"

If the military wants to break the law and the Constitution, that is their call - just don’t expect the rest of us to be co-conspirators in it with them!"


Thank again to Jean d'Ark for those comments.

And finally today : HOORAY for CONSCIENCE !

A big vinaka vaka levu to Judge Coventry for his comments in his farewell speech. Although he has spoken the truth about what is really going on with the COMPROMISED JUDICIARY IN FIJI, it still makes me very sad that such GROSS INTERFERENCE with the institutions that are the foundations of civil society (police, govt and judiciary) are slowly but surely ERODING our collective respect and consideration for these once great pillars in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the exceptionally well expressed ideas as always; and Jean d'Ark.
And , like many here, I am at a loss to know how to get the SANE MAJORITY of Fiji to arise and stand to defend their nation

Anonymous said...

Whats makes me boil is the likes of Tevi and the johnny sami's / luvenis come lately's telling us to move 4ward. Hello - who caused the mess in the 1st place - and why must we be paying the price of this shit.Jean hit the nail on the head - the arrogance of it all is simply unbelievable.

The thing is these people have the guns. How are we to protest?

Right now the majority of us are silent because in our tradition silence means NON-APPROVAL.

For any of our vulagi or to outside observers they take our silence to mean we must be acquiescent.


My question is - since these people in this regime are ignoring the real meaning of our silence and riding rough shod over us, how can we better use our silence as a means of protest in a deafening roar that means NO !!!??

Anonymous said...

I tell you what people - there have been thousands of words published about this sorry happenings of Dec 5, 2007 and my friends family and I have been avid readers of every single word. I thanks God there are so many intelligent articulate people in this country that have stood up for our moral conscience.

I have only just dared to start commenting on these blogs even though I have been reading them for so long as I feel I must do something. You can count on us to support the movement back to free democratic elections for us and the complete downsizing of the army.

When I see these army boys around, I just want to vomit - they remind me of blood sucking namu sucking up all our tax and ot doing anything for the community like they are supposed to . They could be fixing the roads and the water pipes. They could be helping the cyclone and the flood victims. They could be helping squatters move into decent housing, planting tavioka etc etc.

Instead what are they doing ? Trying to get fancy jobs in Malaysia (pote ga o dirty drits LOL) , moving into flash houses in Domain, Suva, and demanding high salaries as police comm's and bodyguards.

So many of us have lost our jobs because of these people and they continue to try and tell us what is best. Na sona ! We are fed up. Something has to give soon I am sure. In the meantime keep on rocking bloggers.

Bring back democracy for the people of Fiji the way WE want it - and not the way of the boci military charter.

Keep The Faith said...

Awww Bubu you make us proud!!

Go Girrrrrrl...i think we need to have a draunimoli session soonish

Discombobulated Bubu said...

KTF osso .. sa oti na bayleys

Anonymous said...

Great article..and hello fellow bloggers..

Anonymous said...

There is wonderful news from Thailand.

I will leave it for a few months to see if the military are true to their word and then I will book my holiday for this half year in Thailand. Sorry Fiji, but you still have military idiots stuffing up the place.

What a shame bananasinpyjamas and his morons can't see the same thing!

"February 07, 2008 02:32pm

THAILAND'S junta has said that the coup 16 months ago had failed to achieve their goal of erasing the influence of deposed premier Thaksin Shinawatra, whose allies have formed a new elected government.

The junta that toppled him held a briefing to announce that their Council for National Security (CNS) had officially dissolved to make room for the elected government to take power.

Air force chief Chalit Pukbhasuk also issued a statement apologising for any disruption caused by the coup.

"If any of our actions caused disruptions to the public, on behalf of the CNS I would like to offer our apologies," he said.

Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has unveiled a cabinet packed with Mr Thaksin's closest aides, in a stunning political comeback for supporters of the flamboyant billionaire who has lived in exile since the putsch in September 2006.

"The CNS was not able to achieve 100 per cent of our goals under (the) circumstances," said Chalit.

"I hope people understand the CNS was not trying to grab power. We have done our best, but the way things turned out did not live up to our expectations. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves," he said.

"There should not be any more coups, because that would affect our country's credibility while other socialist, dictatorial countries are pushing for democracy," he said.

"If we are not democratic, we would be pressured like our neighbour," he said, apparently referring to military-ruled Burma.

"That would have a negative impact on our people and our economy."

Anonymous said...

The concept of a military charter by chaudhry, the convicted felon, to cement his moronic military junta in power for many years is rejected by the international community.

"The United States of America remains concerned about the political climate in Fiji, said American Ambassador Larry Dinger.
Mr Dinger said the US wanted to see Fiji move quickly towards democracy.

“We have not supported the Interim Government’s concept of the People’s Charter. This should be done by an elected government."

If only bananasinpyjamas could get this into his thick head.

Anonymous said...

wailei..this bananainpyjamas needs a dong on his head..flying news is that the military council now regret their actions and want this idiot out...it's about bloody time..