Feb 15, 2008

On Whose Authority?

Cyclone Gene victims need all the funds the authorities can accumulate. Our infrastructure for water and roads needs funds, our children are dying of typhoid and consequences of not having clean water, social welfare recipients cannot get their money, and what does the great disaster called Bainigadevakalialia do?

Take a trip to India with full posse of bodyguards and hangers on to inspect a hospital ?

Unbelievable !

What madness !

What a lie !

Why didnt Parmesh just say ... the great dictator has a funny ticker and he's going for his medical !?

Great timing mate ! And another great big fat LIE to lay on the dung heap !


A great letter in today's Fiji Times from the commonsense gang .....

Whose authority?

WHO gave Doctor M Krishnamurthi the authority to come and consult and make recommendations about the use of native land?

Does he have land of his own that is used in the manner he is recommending?

Since it seems his report was commissioned by Mahendra Chaudhry, we wish to remind Voreqe Bainimarama to keep a close watch on members of the interim regime.

He promised to clean out corruption but he's lost the plot be bringing in people such as Chaudhry to run our affairs.

Leave the issues about land and get on with the business of getting us to the polls.

At the same time, show us evidence of corruption you vehemently profess to have and stop wasting taxpayers' money on overseas trips.

Vani Veikoso
Naomi Roberts


Anonymous said...

The lies from the illegal, incompetent military junta get bigger and sillier every day.

bananasinpyjamas applied for a visa to come to Australia for urgent cardiac surgery. This was rejected as he is considered a criminal. The junta tells the lie that he didn't apply.

The jaundiced junta then quickly gets him booked in to a hospital in India and tells the lies that he is going to inspect the hospital. The only thing that he will inspect is the ceiling.

If only the surgeon's knife would slip. I imagine that Fiji would have a week of celebrations.

Anonymous said...

lol.. love what ex tourist wrote. write on!!

you might enjoy this link: