Feb 18, 2008

Mad Cow disease rampant in FIji

Oilei ragone, Bubu is hopping mad ! These water cuts and power cuts are RIDICULOUS! Basic things like being able to wash babies pikini and showering the makabuna is a massive undertaking these days. Not the mention the daily cost of just living and making ends meet ! In this day and age, it is a disgrace !

In only 14 months,
our Fiji has been taken to it's knees by these people and we the people are being made to suffer for the greed & love of power and money of only a handful of people hiding behind the gun. What cowards!

It has been very painful observing all of the disgraceful behaviour of the puppets in this illegal regime every day, so much so, I don't know whether to laugh or cry and pull my (now white) hair out!

As there are too many things going on all at once to comment on, I've decided we have a rampant disease in Fiji that I can only liken to a whole bunch of mad cows continuing to go berserk ; frothing at the mouth in the pursuit of personal vendettas and evil political and powerhungry agenda's.

From an economic & business standpoint, the iIG don't much have a clue. There are basic everyday commonsense tenets governing business, economy, professionalism, diplomacy, relationships, civil liberties etc. that are being ignored, abused and trodden on everyday by these people in Fiji - where does one start to begin commentary ? (PS : Kudo's must go to fellow Fiji Freedom Bloggers who have kept the movement of information alive : http://solivakasama.wordpress.com/ , and http://tardwatchfiji.wordpress.com/ , and http://fijidemocracynow.com/ - keep it up fellas and keep yourselves safe from the military cyber Darth Vader's)

So by analogy lets give it a go, shall we ?

TRADITIONAL CAPITALISM: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell the lot and retire on the income.

SOCIALISM: You have 2 cows and you give one to your neighbour.

COMMUNISM: You have 2 cows. The State takes both and gives you some milk.

FASCISM: You have 2 cows. The State takes both and sells you some milk.

AIY-ASS' S CORPORATION: He has two cows. He sells one out, and forces the other to produce the milk of four cows. He accuses the media for it's demise but hires a team of expatriate consultants to place the case before the courts to analyse why the cow has dropped dead.

MAMA BERNIE'S CORPORATION: She has two cows. She redesigns them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produces curd and whey instead of milk. She creates a clever cow cartoon image called 'Cowkimon' resplendent with pearls and markets it worldwide. Retires to Dubai.

TELENI'S BUREAUCRATISM: He has 2 cows. One cow purposely blinds itself with a dart and yells out "Bullseye"! He shoots this one, and milks the other then throws the milk away claiming it was milk of amnesia ...

AH KOY'S CORPORATION: He has two cows. He re-engineers them so they live for 100 years, eat once a month and milk themselves with all proceeds going to Cowtec Koy Corp ........... with the help of a "
bang-just like that" Chinese "soft" loan.

THE PRESIDENT'S CORPORATION: He has two cows but he doesn't know where they are. He decides to have a sleep.

SHYSTER'S CORPORATION: She has 5,000 cows. None of them belong to her. Half are sick and dying. She takes all the benefits of having them but writes a report to the dying cows accusing them of causing themselves to be ill, threatens the owners with claims they do not care for aboriginal cows in Australia ; and is behind the plan to ban the IBA as they wished to investigate her claims that evaporated milk comes from thirsty cows.

NAWALOWALO/GANILAU CORPORATION: They have two cows bought for 2c and $50 respectively. They have 300 people milking them. They claim that they have full employment and high bovine productivity and kill the journalist who plans to report the real situation.

MAHEN'S CORPORATION: He has two cows called Paisa and Rajendra. He worships them as he believes his cows could really jump over the moon, like in the nursery rhyme, if it got a really good run at it.

FIRCA-ISM: They take 2 cows from you and call them Gold and Water; then shoot you.

YABAKI-ISM. He has 2 cows. He gets confused which one is which so he has more whiskey.

MAVANA CORPORATION: They have no cows. Everyone thinks they have lots of cows. They tell you that they have none but no-one believes them so you isolate them and tell Vodafone to record all their phone conversations. ... mu mu mu mu mai .... They STILL have no cows but they will still fight for cows rights to be part of a democracy ....

KAILOMA CORPORATION: You have two cows. Business seems pretty good. You close the office and go for a few beers down the club

KUIVA CORPORATION: You have two cows. The one on the left looks very attractive.

BAINI'S SURREALISM: He has two giraffes. Chaudary & the Military Council (ie. the iGovernment) requires him to take band conducting lessons with Lewenski in China followed by brain surgery in India.

FIJI iTAUKEI CORPORATION: Your Indian neighbour has two cows. You have a coup. Now you have two cows. You kill one for the lovo celebration.

FIJI INDIAN CORPORATION: You have all the cows. You have a coup. You keep the cows and also grab the land to put them on.

A FIJIAN ARMY CORPORATION: They have two cows. They count them and learn they have five cows. They count them again and learn they have 42 cows. They count them again after a phony bomb scare interruptus ordered by Ops scares a group of women learning how to write proposals and a peaceful public seminar ; ...... and learn they have 2 cows. They stop counting cows because Bainimarama said they can count them until the cows come home. They ask Driti to read between the cows.


Anonymous said...

Well , did you see the frontal lobotomy patient from India is now going to (illegally) head the GCC himself ? Which goes against the recommendations of the Ratu Tuki and Co report ?

Bleary waste of time and space these people.

Anonymous said...

Another military nut case from history also had a big opinion of himself; Napoleon Boneparte.

Napoleon thought that he was so great that, as he was being crowned Emperor, he took the crown from the stunned bishop and then placed it on his own head.

bananasinpyjamas will soon appoint himself emperor of Fiji if he keeps on appointing himself to roles.

BTW, what a shame that he doesn't sit back and reflect on the mess he has created in all his other roles:-

the military is a shame that could not help the citizens after a cyclone

as illegal PM, the country is quickly going backwards


Let's hope that the doctors at the Indian hospital have a little accident during his surgery there today.

Anonymous said...

Yes please - let us all pray for that wonderful little accident.

Sibylline Moments said...

Bu....what can i say...u made my day....somehow....i luv ur piece it is so funny.....it just makes our burdens a little lighter.....

the last polar bear said...

Frank , the Military Council , Chaudhry , Shaista and the IG at dinner discussing the next move !
Mark Manning

Anonymous said...

Good one Polar Bear ! Did you see Tuks squirming his way through the press conference.

Tuki I say to you - thats what you get when you lay down with the devil!

You should be protecting your people from fiends like this iIG. Hopefully you soon Get to see what their REAL agenda is - that is if YOU YOURSELF are not caught up in their net already ?????????

Anonymous said...

Dear John,
Oh how I hate to write but...Please, please can you help me with my resume. You can write all the updates. I can't remember them all. But now I want a job, maybe talking on the telephone from Mumbai or somewhere, something about selling telephone services or something. Maybe though I am too highly qualified.
What do you think,
Your bhaiya

Anonymous said...

What a sad day for Fiji when Ratu Epeli Naulukau is reduced to standing up for Napoleon Vore's crazy appointment of himself as Chairman of the BLV, couldn't he jus go and earn an honest living as a jiggolo praying
on rich females foreign tourist

Anonymous said...

By the way , remember that the twin towers were built in the mid 1970's , while Arabs were skyjacking planes and murdering pilots and passengers . Why would you build 2 skyscrapers of over 100 floors the same time planes are being skyjacked ? Then , 25 years later , again , the Americans in America , teach , not one but several Arabs , to fly , but not land or take off , just fly a jet . It was known in the mid 1940's that oil would be the next flash point in the middle eats . At the same time , bush was trying to get $80,000,000,000 from congress , he did , just after the twin towers went down . but how come , building 7 , which wasn't hit by a plane at all , imploded . there was no investigation on any of the 3 buildings , but building 7 housed government agencies and their secret and the owner had just recently re-insured that same building !
They are the only known steel structures to fall down from fire !
So , if your going to plot something like over throwing a Government or invading a sovereign state on false grounds , you have to plan well in advance and hope to hell that no one spills the beans when you get found out . And there was no plane wreckage at all at the Pentagon .
Check out the various footage and listen to the commentary .
open your minds to the possibilities !
Thermite cuts through metal , like a hot knife through butter .
watch the second half with the car !
from an independent broadcaster , building 7 reported collapsed , 20 minutes before it actually did ! ho so ?
remember , building 7 although close to the twin towers , it wasn't hit by a plane and was a steel structure , no steel structures had ever collapsed before this day , yet 3 did on this day , within an hour of each other and the metal , all sent to china before it was investigated .
the owner , admitting to make a decision to "pull" the building 1 this is a term used in demolition !
this clip speaks for it's self !
read all the way down the article .
this senator is an honourable man , but his story was rubbished , a bit like how Chaudhry , Frank and others treat Qarase !
looks more like a missile , there's no plane wreckage .
if the building had recently been renovated , could they have left pieces of a plan inside to be discovered later by a reporter ? but only 3 feet across ? would the American Government lie to it's people ?
a missile rotor ? and the outside walls had not collapsed on impact !
the Russians used an attack by checnia terrorist as an excuse to invade that country and america did the same witht the twin towers .
did the americans copy the russians by enraging the public to the point where , because of an attack against their freedom by a foreign power , it became the excuse to invade their country in return , like the russians did ? or was it always about the oil ?