Feb 29, 2008

For they know not what they do

Vinaka vaka levu to the Buwawa Masumasu Group in Namosi for this fine contribution. They also had a message for Voreqe and his men (listen). Amen.


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Anonymous said...

No, it's not nice to use a psalm for this purpose. Try a rap song instead.

Anonymous said...

I disagree Anon - it is perfect - hopefully it pricks at these so-called church-going guys consciences (if they have any). Anyway I can't imagine Bubu and her cronies knowing any rap songs . LOL

Anonymous said...

We had to howl in laughter today when we read Driti's poem as published in the Fiji times ... as one blogger said - pahlease to stick to his day job (if he still has one since he didnt't go to Malaysia!)

Since everyone is in poem writing mood, I have one for Bubu to rap to as per Anon's suggestion.

Here it is - pick any rap tune and go for it :

Bro Ganilau said Ho ho ho
FIS yeah FIS
has to move yo
to combat threats
of terro- ri- sm
against F - I - J - I

Say what brother
F - I - J - I
Thats what I said

But why said we

There is but one
Only one
Whats that Bro?
I said ONE ... ho yo yo yo

Only one
Terror - orist
in the South Pacific

Whats his name Bro ?

Voreqe bro

VO-RE-QE bin laden C-E-K-E

Rap on bro's.....

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Now write one about the ego of someone who is suing for one billion dollars for defamation!