Mar 15, 2008

Like putting Dr Goebbels in charge of the Fiji Human Rights Commission

The illustration is taken from the Fiji Silenced Blog Site, a must see for an excellent and a more than accurate pictorial summary of our daily reality in Fiji.

This depiction couldn't have depicted our sorry situation better as we see plainly that we have in the Dr Shyster our very own Dr Goebbels in charge of the Fiji Human Rights Commission.

Be afraid ... be VERY afraid.


Anonymous said...

Bubu, Thanks for posting another brilliant characterture from fijisilenced.

I went to your link to goebells and was fasinated by what I read.

I have been thinking that jimbob from Hawaii was the Fijian goebells but you have given me new ideas..

Imagine if you substituted a certain name and changed a few personal details, whether the following extract would hold true.

"" By late 1943, the war had turned into a disaster for the Axis powers, but this only spurred Goebbels to intensify the propaganda by urging the Germans to accept the idea of total war and mobilization. Goebbels remained with Hitler in Berlin to the very end, and following the F├╝hrer's suicide he was the second person to serve as the Third Reich's Chancellor—albeit for one day. In his final hours Goebbels allowed his wife, Magda, to kill their six young children. Shortly after, Goebbels and his wife both committed suicide. ""

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Its a real worry EFT.