Mar 13, 2008

Come on Fiji. Support our Real Prime Minister and our fight for the road back to democracy.

This just posted on SOLIVAKASAMA'S SITE and I fully support their sentiments. Come on people go to the court and show your support!

We need your support


This man got overthrown as Prime Minister and leader of the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party by the Military on the 5/12/2006.

He is now engaged in a Court Battle challenging the legality of his overthrow.

In the process, he nolonger is just the deposed Prime Minister nor just the leader of the SDL Party, but he has now become our symbol for democracy, freedom and basic rights guranteed under the laws of Fiji.

One of the main arguments from the Government side in the current court case is that the majority of people support the Illegal Interim Government.

We now urge you to go down to the Court House Complex and miantain a peaceful vigil outside the Court Houses. Spread the word out to all your relatives, friends and associates out there in the hinterland and the surburbs of Suva. Come out in numbers and show your support for Mr Laisenia Qarase and his Legal Team. Demonstrate to the Judges and the Whole World that the majority do not support the illegal Interim Government.

Or put your money where your mouth is and send a donation to the SDL Party to help pay the very expensive QC’s that Mr Qarase had to hire for the court challenge.

The Bank Details are:

Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party

Account SDL A/C 05622165.

(Unfortunately we could not establish which bank this account belongs to. Would appreciate some help from bloggers via email to

We need you help to support Mr Laisenia Qarase and all Fiji Citizens who are victims of these tyrants and their crime against the Nation.


Anonymous said...

Go you good things!

Reclaim Fiji for the Fijians.

Show support for a man who is a shining example to you all.

I have never met Mr Q but I admire him for his courage.


I would also like to thank Mr Beddos, Ms Ali, and the numerous other supporters of decency in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

For a great pictorial representation of what is happening in Fiji, go to

Anonymous said...

Hear hear - I have met Mr Qarase in an informal setting several times now and have talked to him at length. This is one man that is a very good principled and honest man.

He deserves our support and good wishes.