Mar 13, 2008

Exiting Gracefully

Isa oi lei ...Shaista Shameem aka the Shyster aka Mistress of Scam and Sham just can't help herself.

Supposedly the defender of Human Rights in Fiji , she should have been the first out of the ranks to step forward and publicly acknowledge the fantastic International Award of Courage that our Virisila was proud to accept on behalf of her efforts to champion Fiji Human Rights.

Instead in an unprecedented fit of hissing and biting, this is what the quack had to say:

“In Fiji the USA buys off the NGOs with tin badges and a handshake.”



Horrid woman.

My makabunas (clever little things they are these days) sometimes say to me , Bu what is wrong with this picture ? Now I know what they mean.

You know what they say luvequs. there comes a time ..... eh ?

Exiting gracefully ? Is there any hope that she can - at all ?


Anonymous said...

Bubu, don't hold your breath!.

This IS NOT a graceful woman. This is a woman (like Frank, except for the gender) that is resentful her achievements and social climbing have not gotten her to the heights she thinks she deserves. Opportunity and a lack of ethics are a far easier raod to her.
Frank had an easy means (guns, and some people that have unfortunately proven to be as thick as everyone knew but were, but too polite to say).
She is also, like the iIarse, a symbol of mediocrity in her discipline - cudda,shudda,woulda been better, except for her arrogance at expecting it all to fall in her lap. And if that sounds a little judgemental, its not nearly as judgemental as any one of this illegal junta have shown themselves to be. Hark at ANY ONE OF THEM judging Qarase (who incidently, I'm no fan of politically). He has my absolute support now however on principle - something that seems sadly lacking with those in "control" (I use the word loosely)!
Her sister was right, even IF her analysis was said in jest - she IS a mad bitch.
Well when it comes time to pay the piper, she can console herself in the knowledge that she had an equally screwed up dishonest little munter to express her maternal instincts on.
The woman is in a stupor, and its only her wasted intelligence that provides her the ability to make statements that are intelligable but at the same time, totally fucked. Denial is a river in Africa is it not Shaista?

Freud would have had a field day analysing her interest in pistols.
I wonder what she thinks her legacy will be?

Anonymous said...

oooh lah lah this is the spastic wanna be lawyer that gets her references from copying and pasting off the net for her court submissions .... hellllloow !

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly said Anon. And I agree on principal Qarase deserves our total support in his quest for justice and his call for the rule of law to reassert itself upon our land. Otherwise what would we have - anarchy etc ? Shyster doesnt seem to see what we see so why should we give her the time of day ?