Mar 13, 2008

The Choro Tax Investigation Sham - Whitewash Galore


4 days to do a tax investigation forensic audit . Well well well ! Thats for Choro-ry.
Now lets see .... Fatiaki ? Its only taken 15 months. Hmmm - funny that and still nothing . People still hunting for "proof".

Air galore - as opposed to Whitewash galore.

James Bond himself would be pushed for a script at this juncture.

Need I say more ?

Well Done Fiji Times reporting what everyone is thinking in today's Editorial :

A foregone conclusion
Wednesday, March 12, 2008

THE conclusion of the inquiry into interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry's tax matters was foregone.

Once the terms of reference were made known at the weekend, even a blind person would have been able to see what the three-member team would say in its report.

There was no mention in the terms of reference of the $A1.6million at the centre of the tax issue.

There was no mention of who provided the money or, indeed, where these mysterious funds may be at this time.

Nor was there any attempt to find out how involved a foreign power has been in the internal politics of this sovereign nation.

It is obvious from Mr Chaudhry's bank statements that over $A500,000 was deposited in his account by a Sydney-based consulate general of a foreign government.

This government has always decried the attempts of Australia, New Zealand and the United States to influence our affairs.

This time, however, it has been deafeningly silent.

More troubling is the fact that this team was chosen, provided a terms of reference and started work without the public being informed that the inquiry would take place.

By the time the interim administration announced the team's terms of reference, the report had been prepared and was ready for dissemination.

This is rich, coming from a regime which espouses transparency and accountability.

Last week this newspaper approached several members of the administration to seek information on this matter.

At no time was any information forthcoming on the issue.

This secrecy does not augur well for the regime or the nation.

Neither does the fact that at least one member of the inquiry team has been contracted by the interim Attorney-General to provide tax advice on a project involving the State.

But the exercise has now been exposed for what it was - a sham.


Anonymous said...

It was inevitable wasnt it - pathetic exercise by all involved and another massive insult to our intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Sham sham the shim sham man.

Ay-arse, Vore and Choro-arse and Co must think we are all stupid.

Tu ga na da.

Wait one day mafuto.