Mar 12, 2008

VIRISILA - A True Daughter of Fiji

Virisila Buadromo - you are an amazing lady!

Congratulations my girl - we the people of Fiji are so proud of you!

For those of you that do not know, Virisila Buadromo has just received an International Women of Courage medal from Condaleza Rice in the USA as part of the Annual Secretary of State's Award for International Women of Courage in recognition of her outstanding quest for the protection of human rights in Fiji.

The award stated that the eight women selected from around the world, all shared a commitment to the non-negotiable demands of human dignity – the conviction that no culture, no religion, and no tradition of any nation provides license for treating women as objects or instruments to be commanded by another.

Virisila , you are a huge inspiration to all of us in Fiji.

We hope the some of us can find more inspiration from your ability to highlight our plight and our fight against the military regime in Fiji.

For a full description of this award please see this link.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly! Well done.

It is a shame that shyster shameem had to spit sour grapes and vent her spleen on the USA & UN and everyone in close proximity.

I am a great fan of the Harry Potter Books. After years of torment and torture, Harry and his friends overcome evil.

Tonight, I was watching "HP & the Order of the Phoenix" and I couldn't help but think of an analogy between voldemort and the jaundiced junta in Fiji.

Both are evil, murderous and devoid of compassion.

At the end of 'HP & TOOTP' , Harry says to Hermione and Ron, "We have something that voldemort doesn't have."


Fijians, if Harry can beat the Dark Lord, then you can beat a useless, slimy gutter snipe like chaudhry and his puppet, bananasinpyjamas.

Anonymous said...

Not just Fijians are proud of VIRISILA, her efforts go beyond Fiji.

Don't sweat the Shaista! Her road to stardom might (should) end up as The Bag Lady of Lahore (with apologies to any current BagLady of Lahore - their circumstances probably deserve some sympathy - Shaista's never will)