Mar 6, 2008

Today's lesson - TRANSPARENCY

Today ragone, our lesson is on TRANSPARENCY.

Over the past months, how many times have we heard Frankie talk about government being transparent ?

Many times eh ragone. You are right.

And I must say the more big a deal he made about being "transparent", the more suspicious I became that he was hiding something.

So lets start with the meaning of this big word:


Dictionary.Com Says:
"The full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information."

Oxford English Defines being transparent: Ignoring definitions that involve degrees of opacity to light... "Frank, open, candid, ingenuous." and "Easily seen through, recognized, understood, or detected; manifest, evident, obvious, clear." and "Obvious in structure or meaning; that can be extrapolated from surface structure; "

Wikipedia on Transparency: "

In sociology, politics, ethics, law, economics, business, management, etc., transparency is the opposite of privacy; an activity is transparent if all information about it is freely available.

Thus when courts of law admit the public, when fluctuating prices in financial markets are published in newspapers, those processes are transparent.

When military authorities classify their plans as secret, transparency is absent.


So what examples just in the last few days , have we seen ragone, of this word "transparency" being ABSENT:

1) Interim Minister of Defensiveness Ganilau revealing he can't say why Hunter got deported because it's a secret and because he was a threat to National Security (Fancy that - 6000 men with guns against the Lone 'white man' Hunter - woooooeeeeiiii)

2) Bainimarama saying he doesn't have to tell the people of this nation anything - until HE's ready. (Dou !)

3) Teletubby's Gestapo telling the Gone iTaukei and the BLV they aren't allowed to discuss issues of National importance and exchange views (directly contrary to the directive that Frank has given to the Nation that everyone must be involved in "moving the country forward". I mean - why suppress debate? The encouragement of debate would increase the chances of transparency surely ?)

4) Nacewa, the President and Baini all refusing to appear in court. (Transparency TRULY absent here as one would have thought if they had the courage of their convictions- as they keep telling everyone- they would appear in court head held high to tell us and the world about the proof they had that we heading down the 'wrong' path, and why we should bow down and believe them once and for all)

Well ragone, thank you for attending this important lesson today.

I'm sure in the coming days you will be able to fill me in on all the other examples you can think of that shows the absence of this big word from the interim authority in Fiji today. See you next week..


Anonymous said...

There was a story in the FijiTimes this morning about the military council of morons telling bananasinpyjamas to sack chaudhry the cheat.The information for the story was supplied by Col query.

An hour later, Col query is on Fijilive saying that he has been misquoted.

Now tonight, the illegal minister for everything [and master of none] has sacked both military spokesmen.

“” Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has taken over as the sole spokesman for the army.
In a directive today, Bainimarama said all public relations work regarding the military should pass through him instead of the previous spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho.
This directive is understood to have followed a series of stories in the media purported to have been made by the senior military officer, which were then followed by subsequent denials. “”

You just can’t get good help these days! Especially when your organization is based on lies and deception. It seems chaudhry the cheat made a phone call from his sick bed to order bananasinpyjamas to get rid of the colonels.

I imagine that both colonels are on guard duty tonight.

Anonymous said...

Was the help trying to be "transparent" ? Or too helpful?

Either way it didn't work did it? Now the mouthpiece is of shooting off live mortars instead of his mouth.

Which leaves the current live motor-mouth mortar still babbling about being secret like the Queen and children falling over in Africa where it gets dark and where it's all Qarase's fault of course - which is why babbling mortar cannot possibly testify.

Lord help us all!

Anonymous said...

Fiji live reports today that the illegal IG defensive lawyers argued that the minutes of the meeting that will show what was discussed (that pointed to why the Pres made the decisions he made) was "executive privilege" and not in the public interest.

BULLSHIT ! We the citizens and taxpayers of the country have EVERY RIGHT to know why we are on the slippery slope we face now.

Who gave him the mandate to allow a dicky authoritarian regime to kick out a govt that we had elected?

It makes my blood boil to have heard these same lawyers argue that the people of this country approve of all this crap.


And BTW, what the %$^#@& hell is the infamous inHuman Rights Commission despot Ms Shameemimi doing there currently making her submission ?

What does she have to do with anything apart from a dodgy opinionated report ?


Anonymous said...

Bula Fiji. I just read on the internet that Mama Bernie has advised Bainipajamas to support earth hour on the 29th of this month by turning all lights out.

Doesn't she realise she was groping in the dark as the lights are already out !

Haahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hic.

Anonymous said...

Something in the pot is cooking!

Now we hear that chaudhry, the cheat, has gone on leave.

Guess who has taken over all of chaudhry the cheats’ portfolios; bananasinpyjamas.

This is the fellow who defrauded the regimental fund and refused the auditor-general access to the books.

It looks like Fiji’s rate of decline is about to accelerate.

Anonymous said...

Bubu - I am trying to contact you but I cant find an address ..........

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Luvequ my email is

I look forward to hearing from you and keeping you safe.

So many people have asked and yes it DOES stand for our very own Vola ni Kawa Bula. Need I say more given whats gone on in the last year?

We need to protect now more that ever before any tribal wars or affiliations, our collective identity as iTaukei.

At this juncture, may I just say a humble vinaka to the amazing amount of email I get everyday with your viewpoints which all contribute to the intermittent postings on this blog.

I am sorry I cannot post every day but I do value your comments and viewpoints.

Please keep them coming - it is I think part of a sanity barometer as
there are so many good people here all hoping for the same outcome and of different backgrounds and races.

Never give up hope luvequ's. God bless us all and keep us safe and well.

Anonymous said...

Yet again, the moronic military humiliate, threaten and bludgeon another Fijian into silence.

"" Provincial Youth Forum president John Ryder was questioned by military officers on his involvement in the youth rally scheduled yesterday.
The officers took Mr Ryder from his friend’s house in Domain for questioning which lasted for an hour.
When contacted yesterday, Mr Ryder said his rights were not violated by the officers but refused to comment further.
“My rights have not been violated by them and I cannot give you a reason why they came to take me in for questioning and what was it about,” said Mr Ryder.
“For the safety of my family and also for the safety of the organisation I currently am in, I will not comment on the issue.
“The matter has been resolved by the military and there is nothing further to that.” ""

The matter has been resolved by the military alright; by threatening John and his family.

I imagine that shyster shameem will fire up to protect John's rights! Ha Ha

There are only a few countries where Military people illegally drag citizens from their homes i.e.








It certainly is great bedfellows.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to chaudhry the cheat and bananasinpyjamas for expelling Russell Hunter from Fiji.

The publicity [BAD] is ongoing in the Australian press.

From the pages of today's Australian:-

"" A FORMER Australian anti-discrimination commissioner and barrister has been criticised for accepting an appointment by Fiji's military regime to the country's Court of Appeal.

Jocelynne Scutt accepted a position as a puisne judge on Fiji's High Court in November last year, hearing primarily family law matters.

Her appointment followed the resignation of six expatriate judges from the Court of Appeal last September, amid concerns over the way it was being run under an acting chief judge appointed by the Bainimarama government.

In Fiji, puisne judges of the High Court can sit as Court of Appeal judges. After the resignation of the Court of Appeal judges, High Court judges have been used to fill the gap on the Court of Appeal. Justice Scutt sat on the Court of Appeal for the first time last month.

Fiji Women's Rights Movement spokeswoman Tara Chetty said the group could not support any judicial appointments by the interim government. "It's easy for women's groups to be seduced by the appointment of someone with a strong track record in women's rights," she said. "Unfortunately, our foundation believes in democracy and the rule of law, so we cannot support the appointment under the current interim regime, which we see as unlawful."

She said that since the coup in December 2006, other Australian lawyers and judges had turned down similar offers to serve as judges in Fiji.

Melbourne criminal barrister Peter Faris QC said it was "odd" to accept the position when others had resigned from it because of government interference or a lack of independence. "It's a very strange appointment to accept," he said.

Barrister Greg Barns said he was surprised Ms Scutt had taken up the position. "I do think Australian lawyers need to be careful with these appointments that they don't simply get used as propaganda by a particular regime," he said.

Last month, a delegation of international law experts was barred from entering Fiji.

Fiji Law Society president Isireli Fa said he believed the ban was to prevent international scrutiny of the way the interim government was dealing with the country's courts and legal system.

A spokeswoman for Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said the Australian Government was concerned about the state of Fiji's judiciary.

"The state of the Fijian judiciary is a matter of concern, as evidenced by the fact that most expatriate judges, including a number of Australian nationals, have resigned or have refused to renew their contracts," she said.

"The Australian Government continues to urge the Fijian interim government to return Fiji to democracy and the rule of law." ""

Anonymous said...

I have just had the greatest laugh for a long time.

I just went to Fijilive and there was a photo of a very agitated illegal AG, hairyarse, sprouting the normal rubbish about those who have seen through his inquiry farce.

BUT, directly above it, was a 'link' to another site.

The words on this link say it all:-


Go have a look.