Mar 21, 2008



Following on from yesterday's posting, this is the last part of my thoughts on the topic of boiling Frogs on this Good Friday.

Yesterday we were talking about tipping points , and that there has to come a tipping point which becomes the point of no return......

When the number of CRITICS of this gun-induced administration are being "investigated", it is a tipping point.

And Ms Wolf pints out that history shows things get quiet after that very very fast.

Everyone has to draw the line somewhere -- and this is also a lesson we need to learn from Germany.

How can so many good people have done nothing?

Because once you introduce state terror against the individual, you completely change the landscape of what we're willing to risk, understandably.

In conclusion we hope that it is not too late to act within the law of the land governed by a sane and sensible constitution to restore democracy.

If this is not available to us, after that next tipping point we are at the point of anarchy.

At this critical juncture, this is where we choose.

As Ms Wolf says, "History will look back and say, either we saved the country or we didn't.

Either we stopped it at a point where we could restore democracy, or we didn't, and someone else will be writing the histories.

We need to be looking to the future now so that there will NEVER be another time in our history where another thug can come along with a gun and systematically dismantle our checks and balances, and try to tell us what our new values, principles and societal rules should be.

The polite attempt to solve this illegal and immoral act by Voreqe and the Military council via legal debate in our courts this past weeks by Qarase's court action is our last bastion .

This will be our last chance for a principled and educated attempt at pointing out some commonsense as ultimately, in a democracy, it's the PEOPLE WHO DECIDE and the Power is in OUR capacity to act, what we can create together.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Bubu. it was W. H. Auden I think who said something like-

Evil is unspectacular and always human, And shares our bed and eats at our own table.

You are right that we should be making more of a noise and a carry on. But sometimes when you are up against guns, passive resistance has the more potency. There are a number of things we can start doing immediately. I will be sending you an email to see if we can put our heads together for some action.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Vinaka Tobo. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

I would also welcome other blogger contributer thoughts on this issue.

Please email BUBU on

Anonymous said...

One of these tipping points as you call it is the probability of the Abrogation of the Constitution.

Being a Catholic I was profoundly dismayed when our Archbishop Mataca decided to join the inane characters in the "Charter".

But I will remember his words forever as reported in the press, his exact quote I am trying to find .... please help if you can find it and post it here for properity .. was something like ...

"I joined because I can prevent the Constitution being abrogated".

Well Catholics all over the world are watching to see what will happen.