Mar 28, 2008

Prostituting our Nation

If you were really poor and someone came along and promised you LOTS of money to better yourself, BUT in exchange you had to stay by their side at all times and give them first poke at all your natural resources and talents anytime anywhere. By way of a binding clause, you would have to haul in all your mataqali and yavusa into the same deal.

Would you do it ?

Sort of like the meaning of PROSTITUTION

The figurative meaning of this word is as follows :

Unworthy or corrupt use of one's resources for the sake of personal or financial gain.

Thank you Mr Beddoes and Shamima Ali for standing up and speaking what the rest of us are thinking about Fiji applauding China for its brutal repression of the Tibet people.

Mr Beddoes says that the regime's support of the way China is handling the situation in Tibet is an endorsement of abuse of human rights.... and this show of support condoned the use of excessive force to resolve issues (as opposed to dialogue) ....and displays a lack of commitment to human rights, something evident since the coup.

Ms Ali also questioned the interim Government's stance on Tibet.

"It is obvious that this interim Government is protecting its own interests by placing its support behind the Chinese Government as they are now dependent on aid from China," .... and such support was a mere reflection of the lack of principled approach to human rights issues."
How shameful this regime's total lack of ethics and principles.

Fiji's military regime is a pathetic failure of a government and is clearly hell bent on prostituting its nation's assets and people.

Its time we did something.

In the meantime, please join INTELLIGENSIYA's virtual protest and show this regime we do not care for their prostituting our lives , our land & resources , our makabuna, our mana and our souls.


Anonymous said...

bananasinpyjamas surely looks 'sexy' dressed like that.

I think that he has aroused my interest enough to offer it a proposition.

Hang on! All I have in my pocket is $5.

I wonder if it has change?

Anonymous said...

Bula Kuiva my name is Na-walo-waloi from Kadavu - Isa I only have 2c - what can I get for my 2c.

Oi, You from Kuiva have got a deal for me ???

Acha what is it ?

$100 a day and go and see the Chinese School Principal .

Sa vinaka saka.

Anonymous said...

Neeeuuuuwwww neeuwww nyuk nyuk nyuk :)

Anonymous said...

Caption: "Frank, pictured in better times during his tour of duty in the Sina, entertaining the troops"

Anonymous said...

Skipping through the various commentaries on the internet this morning I came across this very good comment posed by regular commentator Mark Manning and thought I would borrow it for discussion :

"I wonder how much the destruction of the Fijian economy and others throughout the world , is part of an overall strategy by China to destabilise the regions in order they they may then offer soft / cheap loans ?

The question remains , what will they want in return ?

Also , what has it cost the Governments of India and China to buy Frank and his mates and what were these two countries promised in return ?"

According to Tuiteci the thief that is now in the Ministry that will look after the money coming from China, the amount is climbing that is being negotiated with China - last I heard it was in excess of $340 million

Anonymous said...

Senitoa damudamu teri yaco na lomamu!

Anonymous said...

Bubu am interested to hear your comments on the debate.