May 10, 2008

Aiyass suffers memory loss in complaint to UN

Aiyass Khaiyum, the Regime's pretend Attorney General has a very short memory.

He is crying to the USA who has refused him a transit visa, saying that he should not be prevented from attending to UN matters.

The boy has very conveniently "forgotten" about Aug 27th, 2007, when he stopped Ms Imrana Jalal , Fiji's prominent human rights lawyer and human rights adviser to the UN (despite her holding a diplomatic passport) from leaving Nadi Airport for Tonga to go about her humanitarian business as a UN representative.

And we aren't forgetting the scores of other people stopped at Nadi Airport,
on this boy's say so, such as Tupou Draunidalo, Peceli Kinivuwai and Graeme Leung.

No sirreee Khaiyum, think before you speak and remember well what you are doing as we the people of this country will remember what you have done to us.

Before you do kachim unto others boy, lookee see what you want others to do first unto you.


linuswyatt said...

Spot on Bubu; Absolutely!!!

Anonymous said...

Iaa iaa kachia.

Anonymous said...

hairyarse is off to a UN conference on corruption.

He must be the guest speaker!

Imagine the stories he could tell about chodopu$$ deceiving people so he could amass a fortune.

The audience would be captivated by his recounts of bananasinpyjamas' theft from the regimental fund.

In conclusion, he could leave them spellbound with his own efforts at stacking the judicary.

Hopefully, Andrew Hughes would be in the audience and he would step forward to arrest him.

Anonymous said...

The resistance movement now needs to move from cyberspace to the streets. Everybody opposed to the takeover needs an outlet to show their objection.
Everyone irrespective of age, race or political affiliation should be encouraged to Tag all government property with the letters FF (Free Fiji). This could be written in pen on letters to the government, tagged in spray paint on the doors of unattended government vehicles or on Government buildings. Villages that object to the regime could paint a ring of trees around the village with the logo.
It would take very little for a few people to casually mention this form of objection and start a revolution.

FijiGirl said...

Well said, DeBu. Yippee Ai-yay is using a typical bully's tactic in complaining about how he is treated when he has done much worse to others. Will he ever learn? I think the majority of the nation would be happy to teach him...

Thank you also for reminding us of Imrana's valiance in the face of tyranny. She, Everett, Tupou, Peceli, our true PM, Virisila, Richard Naidu and others have felt the lash of this corrupt, illegal regime, and have shown us how to bear it with the patience of Madela, the strength of Gandhi, and the nobility of true children of Fiji.

We are no afraid. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Bubu my family and friends have been reading and passes your section around without saying anything but we wants to thank you for your good spirit and talking continued reminders to us about keeping the truth and teaching our children the right things.

May we wish you and your family a very happy mothers day. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

More and more each day, Fiji is moved by the moronic jaundiced junta to be similar to Zimbabwe and Burma.

Notice how much calmer things are in Pakistan and Thailand since their green goons have given power back to the people.

Burma doesn't want international agencies coming in as they are afraid of foreigners seeing the dreadful state of the country after 20 years of military misrule.

Fiji does not want foreigners coming in as they would see the stacking of the judiciary and the human rights abuses.

Anonymous said...

hey bubu....plz open link below and scrollto comment by fritzy...mmmmm. very intresting huh ??....frank's hired guns take the cake dont u think ????.....must hvae been in o'reillys:)