May 19, 2008

Coup Apologists a Disgrace to Fiji

I am sick to death of Coup Apologists in our country.

Listening to John Samy the other night on TV was akin to feeling like throwing up.

I wish he would do us all a favour and go back to NZ where he should be able to find a normal job that isn't funded at the extravagantly gross level of pay he is demanding from poor struggling Fijian citizens who have no say in the matter since Chaudhry/Military are busy stealing from the nation's coffers.

As Wadan says , 20 years away and John suddenly comes back as Fiji's prodigal miscreant.
No shame eh John ?

I have attempted to lay out in summary form the latest in the Apologists talk-propoganda-fest, so we can see plainly once and for all, the idiocy and the grand illusions that accompany their flawed rationalization :


1) Their vision of a perfect society in Fiji involves removing all affirmative programmes for the 'natives' (in reality, economically disadvantaged iTaukei)

2) They believe there is no such thing as "race" therefore we must ignore our roots, our chiefs, our vanua and disengage ourselves from our history, culture and customs in order to participate in this new world order

3) Because they think they can "magically" make everyone start all over again on an equal playing field, they have to introduce a new voting system (BUT who gave them the right to decide this ?)

4) Some delusional Charter document is more important than what the people of this nation think, therefore this has to take precedence over rebuilding the economy, attracting investors, elections etc.


1) The Military and their advisors believe it is their god-given right to engineer structural change in society to their own vision (something which in human terms occurs naturally through history and usually takes many civilisations and countless numbers of wars, death, strife & misery)

2) Persons involved with the regime have a preconceived notion of what they think democracy should mean for society and have no qualms about forcing this on others

3) That they can and will ignore the Rule of Law and Fiji's constitution (what binds civil society together) to put these measures in place

4) That they need to deliberately alienate traditional authority and structure of institutions dear to the indigenous peoples to quell any protest

5) That Fijian intellectuals (where the next generation of leaders would come from) will be targeted to suppress their wisdom and intellect

6) The voice and will of the people are insignificant against what Bau High Chief Ratu Joni once termed "the personal and messianic ambitions of one military officer after another".


a) how barbaric, patronising, absurd and unrealistic these lofty plans are

b) that the directives to force-change society in Fiji are being dictated by Usurpers with very questionable and fishy motives (read : what role has the love of money played in this saga?)

c) that any societal changes that will affect the lives of all citizens are best left to an elected government who have the mandate to make changes

d) that the capacity of the Interim Government to enact any legislation given that their mandate rests not in the popular will but on the force of arms, has NO authority to do so

e) that they continue to perpetuate the coup culture in Fiji by supporting this illegal regime

f) their right to superimpose their belief system on the rest of their countrymen without consultation, is NOT god-given NOR was it exclusively subscribed to them by us the people of this nation

g) that each coup takes the country back 10-15 years in progress, costs the ordinary citizen untold emotional, mental & physical stress and misery and CANNOT be blamed on the governments we elected (or the media)

h) The coups in Fiji are illegal and treasonous and cannot be justified under any law


The Military Regime in Fiji CANNOT demand transparency and accountability, while disregarding the employment of a corresponding standard for itself.
Examples are the following acts of human rights abuses, concealment and sabotage by the Military Regime :

a) The deaths of civilians Malasebe, Verebasaga and Rabaka in military custody

b) The intimidation and abuse of youth activists including women, the kidnapping and intimidation of Richard Naidu, Taniela Tabu, Ulai Tao and the cowardly attacks on Judge Gordon Ward's house, the Australian High Commissioner Jennifer Rawson and lawyer Janet Mason and her husband amongst others

c) The beating up of Ballu Khan and others and the associated trumped up charges against 10 civilians associated with him

d) The order to kill and the subsequent deaths in custody of 8 Counter Revolutionary Warfare soldiers in November, 2000

e) The non-disclosure and deliberate concealment of the use of RFMF Regimental Funds by subsequent Military Officers since the inception of the fund.

f) The secrecy and the contravention of the law surrounding the deportation of expatriates Green, Hunter and Hannah

g) The reasons behind the Military protection of Mahendra Chaudry Prasad and his undeclared tax money.

h) The illegal dismissal of and trumped up charges against Chief Justice Fatiaki, and many other Fijian Chief Executive Officers

i) The arbitrary removal of senior govt and quasi govt officials whose only crime it seems was to have associations with the deposed govt.

j) The deliberate harassment of Qarase and trumped up charges laid against him.

k) The deliberate harassment of foreign diplomats

etc etc etc etc ............................

The Military Regime in Fiji has indirectly derived its authority from the coup therefore has no legal mandate to make any arbitrary amendments or carry out any of the activities it is currently engaged in such as :

1) The formation and subsequent activities of the witch-hunting personal vendetta arm of the Military and Chaudary called FICAC

2) Any changes in Provincial Government structure

3) Any changes in the GCC format

4) Any changes to the Public Service

5) Any changes to the Immigration Act

6) Any changes and appointments to the Judiciary

7) The formation and all subsequent activities of the Nat Council for Making a Worser Fiji with all its illegal spending and employment of expatriates at inflated salaries

8) The undermining of the Police Hierarchy

etc etc etc etc ............................

I am very pleased to see a lively debate and the constructive discussion that touches on these issues going on at fellow bloggers site SOLI VAKASAMA.

Of note is Fiji Girl's article which is well worth a read.

Please tune in and contribute to this discussion. It is our future that is being discussed here.


linuswyatt said...

Under the heading Apologisdt don't understand; you say "read:- what role has the love of money...
Where can this item be found please.

AND YES, once again you are spot on in your observations, Thank you.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

LinusW vinaka. I should have perhaps used the word : "interpet"

But this question has been raised not only by myself over the last 16 months or but by countless other people, and that is - how much of a role did the exchange of money play in the events leading up the coup - eg:

- Bai's holiday at Turtle Island
- Chaudry's receipt of monies from Haryana into Australia prior to the coup)
- Regimental Fund usage
- Who funded the Army's Village preaching Campaign prior to the coup of 2006

AND how much of a role does this exchange of money CONTINUE to play today :

- Harayana $$
- Protection of Chaudary's undeclared incomes and the witch hunt of FIRCA men who were investigating this
- Bainimaramas purchase of a house in Suva with Cash
- Epeli Ganilaus relief of immense debt around Suva with Cash
- Houses and Community Halls built in targeted provinces such as in the Yasawas, Gau and Rotuma to buy support for GCC changes

etc etc. Im sure you get the point.

We have the right to know about these things - and it is these very things that got Hannah and Hunter deported out of Viti because they were getting too close to the truth.

As I keep saying - it is only the truth that will set us all free.

So to the mainstream media here , I say take a bow , for not bending to the iIG pressure or to their constant propoganda.

Linus Wyatt said...

R. Evenson [Turtle Island] lives with his girlfriend Rosina quite near me. So that he may enjoy his consitutional rights and exercise in the middle of the roadundisturbed, he carries a loud hooter and "Pepper spray [supplied courtesy of FB] to drive away noisy dogs or people he feels infringe his rights. Even dogs behind locked gates!!

Anonymous said...

Please Bubu - You're really quite welcome to keep Samy. He came to NZ at the height of the neo-liberal agenda and appears to have become enthrawled by it. You preach good governance and accountability whilst all the while ripping he heart out of public service institutions and selling those that can have a $ value assigned to them to mates.
Please don't tempt him with a possible return to NZ - he'll probably get an appointment as the next governments chief advisor on the Pacific.
I note all the iIG's designs on the way forward and government in Fiji seem reminiscent of a certain failed NZ era.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka DeBu! Well said, as ever. Thanks also for the link to my continuing diatribe against Chodo and the dirty moneybags who are backing him. I see that an Indian ice-cream manufacturer is setting up in Fiji. No doubt more corporations from India will set up shop in Fiji. But these are not Chodo's backers. The 'real money' backing him will not be traceable - he learned his lesson in the Haryana scandal. He said he wanted transparency and an end to corruption, but in fact he is getting Fiji deeper into drug money, illegal dealings and lies.

God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Let's dissect the rubbish that came out of bananasinpyjamas' fundamental orifice today.

Firstly, how does this sit with Fijians and the international community:-

"Bainimarama has also said that if politicians do not agree with the formation of the People's Charter, there will be no elections in March next year."

That's not what he agreed to in Tonga; remember elections under the current constitution. The military charter was noted but not endorsed.

That's not what he has told the EU, the foreign ministers' meeting in NZ a few months ago and others.

The expectation of the international communities is an election before March under the current constitution; no qualifications involved. I wonder what part of that butthead doesn't understand.

Secondly; this gem:_

"Bainimarama believe that the charter will eradicate the problems faced by the country. "

Doh! Look in the mirror and see the problem.

Thirdly; this contradictory nonsense:-

"if Fiji wants to move forward, the people should support what the interim government has been doing."

All that has happened in 18 months is that Fiji has gone backwards at an accelerating rate. The Reserve Bank today said that it will take Fiji 50 years to recover.

Fourthly, this piece of wisdom:-

"Bainimarama stressed that the military will be the watchdog of the charter"

Where does it say that in the constitution? The military is an arm of the public service and does what it is told by government who in turn are elected by the people. bananasinpyjamas lives in a fools' world.

Lastly, this classic statement of intent to conduct another coup d'etat by the corrupt, treacherous military:-

"and any government elected by the people, will have to abide by what is contain in the charter."

And the millions of dollars wasted in this exercise in futility could have been spent on basic services.

May I suggest to this nutcase that the first exhibit in his new museum should be his severed head.

I'll leave others to write the notes on the label underneath this item in the house of horrors.

Anonymous said...

Well written & accurate - reality however is that those responsible
have left themselves no room to manoeuvre?