May 23, 2008

Dissecting Most Foolish of Statements

Here we go again - more foolishness from the Clown Prince of the Military Regime.

I did hold my breath for a brief moment last week when Bai and Lai took a cup of draunimoli together.

I thought this was great - a meeting !
What for hope in the world !

But then I paused and thought there are only 2 scenarios here :
1) The Regime have acknowledged that in the face of massive resistance from the Fijian people, they need help to get out of the deep hole they are in , & what better way than to enlist the help of the legally elected leader of Fiji.

2) The Regime realise they are in a deep hole and they will do what they have always done & what is true to form, and call the meeting to threaten the Leaders of the masses ie : Do things our way OR else!
It turns out that the second scenario may have indeed been the case.

Fellow blogger Ex-Fij-Tourist writes today in response to the latest Military Gems:

Let's dissect the rubbish that came out of bananasinpyjamas' fundamental orifice today.

Firstly, how does this sit with Fijians and the international community:-
"Bainimarama has also said that if politicians do not agree with the formation of the People's Charter, there will be no elections in March next year."
That's not what he agreed to in Tonga; remember elections under the current constitution. The military charter was noted but not endorsed.

That's not what he has told the EU, the foreign ministers' meeting in NZ a few months ago and others.

The expectation of the international communities is an election before March under the current constitution; no qualifications involved. I wonder what part of that butthead doesn't understand.

Secondly; this gem:_
"Bainimarama believes that the charter will eradicate the problems faced by the country. "
Doh! Look in the mirror and see the problem.

Thirdly; this contradictory nonsense:-
"if Fiji wants to move forward, the people should support what the interim government has been doing."
All that has happened in 18 months is that Fiji has gone backwards at an accelerating rate.

The Reserve Bank today said that it will take Fiji 50 years to recover.

Fourthly, this piece of 'wisdom':-
"Bainimarama stressed that the military will be the watchdog of the charter"
Where does it say that in the constitution?

The military is an arm of the public service and does what it is told by government who in turn are elected by the people. bananasinpyjamas lives in a fools' world.

Lastly, this classic statement of intent to conduct another coup d'etat by the corrupt, treacherous military:-
"and any government elected by the people, will have to abide by what is contain in the charter."
And the millions of dollars wasted in this exercise in futility could have been spent on basic services.

May I suggest to this nutcase that the first exhibit in his new museum should be his severed head.

I'll leave others to write the notes on the label underneath this item in the house of horrors.

Vinaka EFT. Well said.

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