May 23, 2008

Its raining the bleeding obvious

Ladies and Gentlemen Girls and Boys .......

Please put your hands together for the National Task Team One who have taken 6 months


of your precious tax money at their every meeting ..

to come out with what is otherwise known as everyday logic or as some of my friends would say , the bleeding bloody obvious.

Congratulations to the Military junta ......
who have truly reached the height of supreme stupidness
with their time wasting and dollar sapping exercises in futility.

As I was reading to my smallest makabuna last night: Once again round the block Alice - Come along Mr Rabbit - If we are quick enough, we may glimpse
Tweedledum and the Mad Hatter along the way.......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

On the money again. Tweedledee today overuled Jitoko. Sounds like some magic potions are on the boil.