Jun 26, 2008

The Diminishing Value of Truth

I received this insightful Email Contribution from a reader who signs herself Mereoni :

"The Prophet Hosea said 2,700 odd years ago, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness" (Hosea 4:6).

Most of history's great evils were committed by people who somehow convinced themselves that the evil they did was really good.

This is hardly a new problem.

But that this evil, under the guise of what is 'good' for us, is being played out here in Fiji under our very noses.

As Bubu has said time and time again, we should continually be on our guard for this distortion of the truth and recognise it for what it is, and teach our children to distinguish right from wrong, truth and untruth.

Voreqe, Aiyass, Roko Ului, Ganilau, Teleni, Nailatikau, Rabuka and Mahen Chaudary Prasad et al can go on and on about good governance and accountability, but till the day I die, this will continue to ring most hollow and go down in history as the biggest most hypocritical and deceptive prevarications in our Nation's life.

Until they come clean to the people of this nation about the real reasons they carried out the coup and confess to what they have all tried to cover up, our Nation will NEVER move forward.

They can churn out Charter and pieces of other paper, as many as they want, but this will never change the bad odour of what these people are trying to cover up."

And speaking on the Diminishing Value of the Truth, here are a few blatant examples of what Mereoni may be talking about :

Like many others in Fiji, the above is a good example of a prevarication, if not an outright lie, and Sereana Qoro should be ashamed of herself. She know better than try and pull the wool over our eyes. My tikina and yavusa are shareholders and we are very concerned at this total bullshit.

What has been done to Fijian Holdings has been a blatant political attack on yet another indigenous successful Fijian Institution, and DOES NOT send a good message out to would be investors in this country.

For goodness sake, look at Fiji Water for instance .... I wonder if people know that Mahen Choro's good friend is the owner of the rival water company .... hmm.

Oh, but wait there's more, Mahen Choro also has another good friend interested in gold mining.... hmmmm.

Speak for yourself Rokoului and Josefa Basulu . These 2 inconsequentials DO NOT speak for Lau. And how dare they assume to do so.

After all these years, I must ask what has Rokoului done for his province sitting in Suva ? All together chorus now - nada, nothing, zero. And he practically bullied his way into the position of Chairman by locking out potential contenders. Not a way to earn any kind of deference.

As I have said before RESPECT must be earned ... Rokoului may be a hereditary Chief but until he earns the respect of his people by NOT being a follower and by being a true leader - listening to his people, taking time out to learn about Mana and what it entails, then he has a chance of earning respect. But for now, sorry my boy, you are still a loser.

And what about this article ? Again the truth is diminished in these few words. Translated into the "truth according to Frank", it really means this :

The Forum didn't listen to me, myself and I , so what the point. They're a bunch of idiots, so I'll just leave .. so there. Pote , nah nah nah na na !

Hmmmmm ...... more examples of diminishing the truth coming next.


Anonymous said...

Bubu et al, one just had to read the military bible verse they are banking their spiritual mission on. It is from Ezekiel..something to do with being a "watchman". SO it comes as no surprise if this fanatical idea of theirs makes them BELIEVE that are A GODSEND TO FIJI.

How appropriate for them but do they even know the consequences f their actions? We guess not.

Anonymous said...

Ezekiel talked about four-faced winged creatures and spinning multi-eyed wheels within wheels.

Perhaps they identify with the pycho-babble

Anonymous said...

Good letter today in Fiji Times regarding Lau :

Meeting outcome

I CHUCKLED at the outcome of the Lau Provincial Council, and I empathise with Anare Jale and Sakiusa Raivoce.

My voice as vasu and from the staunch Yasayasa group and Totoya island may be heard in this simple note of rationalisation.

The Lau Provincial Council is in chaos underlined by double standards and confusion; where leaders need to use their intelligence in promoting Lauan development and not depend on children of past reputable leaders.

What has Lieutenant-Colonel Uluilakeba done for the Lauan people?

The rationale is crystal clear. He is part of the regime, thus remarked this as reason for Lauans to support the current Government.

Rewa stood its ground, unfortunately Lau had to be hoodwinked.

Lau's development is dependant on the hardworking and self-sacrificing urban Lauans who are the foundation of progressing the rural Lau to advancement.

In today's society, people should speak out for truth, justice, peace and values that promote the essence of reinforced "lotu" and "vanua", the basis of all Lauan teachings.

The truth will always prevail and, in the words of my maternal links, the more you suppress it, the more vocal and profound it floats to the surface like a fully blown rubber ball.


Anonymous said...

And another comment :

Council lock-out

YOUR article (FT 26/6) " Lau council bars Jale and Raivoce" is very unfortunate. The two gentlemen were unanimously nominated by their tikina to represent them.

The criteria used by Peni Sokia for the mata ni tikina to reside at their various koro rather than Suva is questionable.

I wish to ask Peni Sokia the following:

Did he inform the tikina to ensure that the mata reside in the koro?;

Does Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba reside in Lakeba or Suva?, and

Mr Jale and Mr Raivoce should have been given the chance to a fair election on the chairmanship of the council.

As a vasu of the yavusa Toga in Vanuabalavu, it angers me to see the lock-out of Peni Fatafehi, a descendant of Ma'afu, and other Lauans from the various tikina. All these men are loyal to Lau, its development and to their obligations. I am asking Mr Sokia to quickly correct this or it will further divide Lau.