Jun 27, 2008

Its the truth

Thanks Mick for articulating what everyone knows to be the current truth in Fiji. Thank you and God bless you.


Anonymous said...

The more these people threaten the people of Fiji, the more they alienate us.

Its very much like the military all suffering post-traumatic disorder syndrome or wotever they call this, and they want to keep fighting someone after they come back from overseas.

So they have declared war on their own people.

They are also so dis-ordered they dont realise they are being used as puppets by certain opportunistic evil doers with blackness in their hearts.

We are in a bad way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bubu for posting the above.

Mick Beddoes has summed up beautifully the lies and deceptions of this jaundiced junta.

The more I hear of this man, the more I see a natural leader for Fiji.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Hear hear EFT - Beddoes has really won my admiration.

He stands tall indeed much like a tall, bright tropical flower in amongst a plot of weeds.

Anonymous said...

Ditto re Beddoes. So now wait for an orchestrated programme by the junta to discredit him

Anonymous said...

Its not a pretty sight that picture is it ? What I see is a motley assortment of failed politicians, inarticulate mess clerks, an accountant with horse blinkers on, and 2 ego-maniacs, one of which has severe post-traumatic syndrome to boot, as well as a bi-polar type condition, and a chief runt of the litter.

OMG - I would rather pick a fight with Mike Tyson than submit to this pack of hybrid hyenas.