Jul 4, 2008

And the Difference Is ?

Sanctimonious rubbish.

For 20 year the children of Fiji (now grown up) have witnessed thugs like Rabuka, Speight and Bainimarama taking the law into their own hands with their cowardly usurpation of power, with no moral conscience about the lessons this action conveyed and continues to convey to the nation.

So whats the difference between what this group of villagers did and what Bainimanama has done ?

Isn't whats good for the goose good for the gander too?

Is this regime trying to catch the horse after it has bolted ?

Or are we standing by to witness the birth of a new junta word to justify the
prevarication, the deflection of, the contortion and deviation of: what is the law, what is right and has virtue and integrity, and what moral signposts are left standing in Fiji today?


Anonymous said...

That signpost should probably say jungli murgi.

And that new word may be 'juntafication'.

As we have seen, the regime has "juntafied" "ethnical" and "inciteful" and showed the world with one stroke of a syllable their stupidity and delusions of academia not to mention their inarticulateness.

Go figure!

Tim said...

That's the difference you see Bubu. Most people think what is sauce for a goose is sauce for a gander - except the self-appointed, mana-assuming, insecure, self-abusing control freaks that comprise the junta.