Jul 3, 2008

National Pain

Bubu's Kati Club Members have a bet about what happened today on the National Bus Drivers strike :

That this was Bainimarama's Solution (ie threat) : Military to confiscate buses if they don't go back to work and Military Drivers to drive routes

Bets anyone ????


Anonymous said...

I applaud the bus drivers actions - they have shown us the travelling public the first sign of the pain we have to go through to bring this regime to its knees so we can bring back our elected voices and preserve our future generation's civil liberties and rights.

Bus Drivers = 1
Illegal Regime = 0

Anonymous said...

Just as the green goons are all at sea in trying to run the, they would also be lost in driving buses.

Let's hope they take the fuel costs out of the army budget.

Anonymous said...

they wouldnt even drive ppl to work or children to school. they would take the buses go pick up friends or other goons and then because the bus isnt theirs - be careless and crash it into the nearest tree (hopefully getting rid of good no. of them)