Aug 11, 2008

Pavlov's bell effect in Fiji

Unbelievable eh? I thought of the famous Russian Ivan P. Pavlov, behaviourist when I read this article .

In a famous study, Pavlov rang a bell each time he gave a dog some food. The dog's mouth would water when the animal smelled the food.

After Pavlov repeated the procedure many times, the dog's saliva began to flow whenever the animal heard the bell, even if no food appeared.

This experiment demonstrated that a reflex (saliva) can become associated with a totally different stimulus other than the one that first produced it (in this case, the sound of a bell instead of the smell of food)

The learning process by which a response becomes associated with a new stimulus
is called conditioning. From this experiment behaviourists realized that human behaviour could also be changed by conditioning.

In fact, some believed they could produce almost any response by controlling an individual's environment.

Here in Fiji after the coup, the media started out ringing the bell and predictably Teleni and Bhaini et al would run up panting looking for "incitful" comments. Tring tring

Then other people started ringing their bells - saying what they thought - expressing their opinions. Tring tring tingaling ... same same response now to any other opinion other than what the Military stooges think.

John Samy, head scribe of Ca Charter has proclaimed that he is and his committee will be seeking views on Ca Charter.

Really why should we bother since we know they have shown from the beginning that these people don't value our opinions anyway.

Tring tring tingaling... watch what happens .... predictable eh ?


Anonymous said...

It is sad when these officers who are supposed to defend us dont engage brains as Beddoes said when they are ordered to do things like this. They are meerly pointing more atention to their stupidity.

Reflection of their leadership.

Anonymous said...

The charter has nothing positive to say of Fiji and it looks like the authors have picked things out from thin air..

In the beginning of all the 11 pillars or whatever it is called, they begin with Problems and Critical Issues.

They have focussed to a lot of energy on the bad and not on the good side of all of Fiji's people's.

It's just blerry fustrating to read.

I want to give that idiot John Sami a bloody dong on the head so he can WAKE UP.


Anonymous said...

wat happened to the solivakasama and rawfiji news sites...

Discombobulated Bubu said...

@Anon ... hhmmmmm. RAWFIJI NEWS seems to be taking a different slant on things.

As for suggesting that the people of Fiji will forgive Frank ......


Moce Raw!