Aug 10, 2008

Ca Charta

Thank you Sai Lealea (Letters to the Editor Fiji Times 10th Aug) for so succinctly placing this glaring truth where it belongs - topmost of our consciousness and out in the worldwide arena - such that people all over the world can understand the absolute veracity of our current situation in Fiji, and the inherent problem with this document called "The People's Charter".

For our friends that don't understand the Fijian language, in case you are wondering if there is a typo in the heading of this blog post, the "C" in the Fijian language is pronounced "TH" (as in "the") in English. So the word "CA" is pronounced "THE" but more meaningfully in this case "CA" means BAD.

End of story.

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Anonymous said...

Great letter by Sai Lealea!

Nailed it right on the spot.