Aug 4, 2008

Junta junketing - Wonton Extravagance

Travelling abroad for flimsy reasons should not be entertained.

What do we have our ambassadors and High Commissioners for ?

Like a kid in a candy store going crazy, witness Bhaini going crazy .. jetsetting to Rome, India, , Dubai, Middle East, Singapore, Tonga and now China ... whitwhew .... but at least with kids they outgrow the habit.

Soon we will be no different from those African leaders who are accustomed to expensive lifestyles and travel extravaganzas with the accompanying -to-hell-with-their-people- attitude.

As major economic doom sweeps our nation, we the taxpayers must demand that the junta who have their fingers in our money-pie, exercise extreme sensitivity to the our country's problems as they plan any their foreign trip.

I also do not believe Parmass is telling the truth about the expenses it has cost us so far to have Bhaini and his cronies go cavorting across the world with their hangers-on.

I challenge anyone to tell me that this criticism is not justified.

Is the military junta in Fiji affording themselves lavish lifestyles, or simply making necessary trips in order to encourage investment?

How will Bahini's trip to China possibly bring us any more benefit ? He can't even speak ... let alone speak the language.

Its another junket - plain to see.

If and when trips have to be made, delegations should be kept to the absolute minimum and based on a very clear balance sheet . If the expenditure is higher than the expected outcome, then all these guys should stay at home. Just because a government invites you to an occasion doesn't mean you have to accept it . It merely becomes an excuse.

It is morally wrong for any of these guys to travel with their wives and concubines, bodyguards and scribes in the name of the state, and especially when they have put themselves illegally there by the barrel of the gun with absolutely no mandate from the people.

Real Leaders Do NOT Waste a struggling Nation’s Resources.

Indeed let us be clear here, Bhaini and his regime coup-conspiraters are not our nation's leaders.

In fact in reality they are an armed terrorist group which has used the threat of violence & terror to forcefully gain political power in Fiji .... no different to the HAMAS - in Gaza and West Bank HIZB'ALLAH in Lebanon, and the SUNNIS of the SUNNI TRIANGLE in Iraq to name but a few.


Anonymous said...

Qori gona..mai yaso..i hear from within the Ministry of Finance that Bainibanana's has spent more tax dollars on his overseas trips than the ousted PM did in such a short timespan...

I agree with you about Parmesh's conman style justification that Baini was invited to China - So Bloody What! Bloody VODO LOTO KECE!

Eu, just makes me want to swear - ratou yavu rags to riches!

Anonymous said...

I have done some work on the 6 trips that Bainibananas has supposedly done so far (I think you will find that he has done 8 trips).

Based on the length of the trips I have worked out that on the AVERAGE, each plane fare has cost $3800 return for him alone x 6 = $22,800. PLUS a fare for the illegal chichina of Queen Mary is another $22,800 = $45,600.

Add the same return costs for the extra AVERAGE of 4 people he had travelling with him during these trips (4 people x $3800 = $15,200 per trip)x 6 trips = $91,200


Now someone will have to help me here as I am not sure of the rate of per diem these people help themselves to, but one would have to add the total per diems of the average of the above 6 people and lets say for arguments sake, it is $200 a day per person = $1200 per day for 6 people based on an average length of stay overseas of 5 days (including airport layovers etc) =

TOTAL average PER DIEMS x 6 trips@ $6,000 per trip = $36,000

Then we have HOTEL ACCOMMODATION based on your average price of a hotel room middle of the road expressed in AUST $ because of the relative weak Fiji dollar =@ $280 inc tax per room per night for each of the average 4 persons (x 5 nights = $5,600) PLUS Baininananas room $1,400 = $7,000 per trip.


Now add all the totals up
AIRFARES Bai & Mrs = $ 45,600
AIRFARES Entourage = $ 91,200
PER DIEMS = $ 36,000
HOTELS = $ 42,000

TOTAL = $214,800

And we havent even factored in expenses that they have been charging to the taxpayers of Fiji yet (gifts to foreign governments, internal travel expenses, purchases etc).