Sep 24, 2008

On Justification for the Finger Pointing

This is a BRILLIANT comment by regular Blog Contributor Tim .Vinaka Tim for putting it so succinctly.

"It never ceases to amaze me how the basic idea (both socialist and Christian) of a distribution of wealth according to need; the notion of human rights (even those less comprehensive and endorsed by the U.N, such as a right to life) get so readily corrupted by those who are basically dishonest and criminal in order to justify their actions.

Stalin, Mugabe, Bainimarama, Shameem, Kaihyum, Moore, and even certain religious leaders who've not yet come to terms with what 'leadership' is, confusing it with dictatorial rule.

These people are so self-interested and self-obsessed that they have set themselves apart as "elites", turning to extremes at both ends of the political spectrum in order to keep their own gravy train going. Interesting how someone in another blog noticed the commonality amongst these people of "finger-pointing" - me and you, us and them, I know best, do as I say not as I do.

These people clutch at anything to justify themselves. They are extremists.

It matters not whether their beliefs come from the left or the right politically - I've noticed characteristics of their behaviour from an extreme left and an extreme right poisition.

That is why they are all afraid of democracy and why as history tells us, they are all pushing the proverbial uphill.

The longer it takes, the more resentment builds and the more unfortunate their demise is likely to be."

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