Nov 27, 2008

Investing in Fiji - why would you

I offer a sample sprinkling of news headlines that paint a terrible picture of how we are currently living as a people under a military dictatorship in Fiji.

Only a fool would invest their money in Fiji now.

With a military regime obviously enjoying the trappings of power and unlimited access to the national coffers but being accountable to no one, this has surely got to set alarm bells ringing.

The junta make up stories to suit their purposes, distort data and use their puppets to compromise the path and purpose of the law which is meant to protect ordinary citizens.

If our own people are no longer safe in our own houses because of the drastic break down in law and order, I dont hold out much hope for visitors to our country.

There was also an article in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago highlighting child and teenage prostitution in Fiji. It broke my heart to read that the same teenage girls who sat in church every Sunday did not see there was anything wrong in what they were doing. If this one statement doesn't start alarms bells for you then you obviously don't realise how much the moral fabric of our society has been torn.

And I lay the blame for all of the above at the feet of the evil coup perpertrators and leaders who have encouraged a culture of crime pays, disrespect, voilence and machismo.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you DeBu for recording, in clear detail, the demise that this regime is wreaking on our beloved country. It's not just that they are robbing the tax payers of our government, or that they are robbing our children of their future. It is that, in refusing to punish the bad and reward the good, they are opening the door to chaos and anarchy. The genie is out of the bottle, the worms are out of the can, Pandora's box is open .... you can describe it in thousands of ways, but it is heartbreaking to see in action, especially when, just over 2 years ago, we had such hope and security and a bright future.
I for one want the people to lobby the UN to really and truly stop using Fiji soldiers in peacekeeping. The sanctions must continue, and step up a level, or even two. Keep up the great work. Let everyone see the true damage wrought by this corrupt and sick regime.
God bless Fiji