Nov 17, 2008

Normality in Fiji according to Bainimarama Lies

Thank you SDL for pointing out the truth ..... no way are things "normal" in Fiji.

Domestic Violence and Child Prostitution is up in Fiji.
One third of Jobs in our country have been either changed or lost.
Tourism is losing ground by the minute.
Crime has increased 400 fold.
Fijis' infrastructure is crumbling.

And according to a little bird in the corridors of power, if truth be really told, the Military have spent $102 million since December 2006 , on purchasing arms from Korea and another dubious Asian power, and on polishing drills for their 3000 odd men.


Anonymous said...

If that amount of money is true that is spent on military beefing up their arsenal (ie. ego's), it just goes to show how little they care for the rest of their fellow men, women and children who are really really suffering.

So much for all their bullshit of accountability and transparency.

Anonymous said...

Good to see all the Blogs highlighting all the lies that are the hallmark of Bainimarama's despotic rule.

I think these people have taken a leaf out of Hitlers books when he said - “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

But I defer to the great writer Ernest Hemingway who once said - “The best ammunition against lies is the truth.”

Worry nai - I also believe the Lord God when he says the truth will prevail. God bless Fiji