Nov 13, 2008

Three Cheers for Justice Bruce

I was indeed inspired yesterday at the learned Judge's ruling in regards to Mr Khan's disgraceful treatment by the military junta in our country and to read these wise words by "FIJI DEMOCRACY NOW" which I reproduce here. Vinaka FDN!

Yesterday’s decision by Mr Justice Andrew Bruce of the High Court was a great day for Fiji because it went a long way to restoring the public’s confidence in our judiciary and in the rule of law in accordance with our Constitution.

It was also a great day because the judgement delivered a stinging rebuke to our military-backed regime, which orchestrated the arrest and charging of Khan one year ago and allowed its thugs to violently bash and torture him.

Thanks to Justice Bruce, and no thanks to our discredited Human Rights Commissioner, Shaista Shameem,the protection of human rights in our nation is once again being observed at the official level.

The next phase in this unfolding drama will be the reaction of the dictator and his supporters. Will Ballu Khan be allowed to leave the country, as is his stated intention, or will he be the target for more underhand treatment?

Will Police Commissioner Teleni take action to bring to justice those of his officers who engaged in the beating of Ballu Khan, an act of criminality which was clearly identified in yesterday’s judgement? And what about the military? Will it, as usual, ignore the unlawful actions of its officers?

Yes, yesterday’s judgement was a momentous day for our country as we near the end of the second painful year of the Bainimarama dictatorship.

The delivery of clear, cool-headed justice, as demonstrated in Justice Bruce’s ruling, stands out like a like a bright, shining beacon in a pitch black night.

It is in blinding contrast to the illegality, deceipt, hurt and injustice that Bainimarama and his cronies have so consistently and heartlessly institutionalised since their armed overthrow of our democratically elected government on 5 December 2006.

The men, women and children of our beloved Fiji Islands deserve so much better. But when will they get it?

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