Dec 15, 2008

Its full moon time again and Frankie's cranky

SO WE HEAR on the grapevine that cranky Frankie is preparing to expel New Zealand’s Acting High Commissioner because the great dictator is unhappy Iloilo's personal assistant’s son is unlikely to be granted a student visa.

Apparently young George Nacewa said something to the effect of "It's (The travel and visa sanctions) are supposed to only include permanent secretaries and my dad isn't one, he's just a normal secretary, he's a civil servant,"

Yeah Right Jioji ... as the makabunas would say !

And as we all know sanctions against Fiji apply to members of Bainimarama's regime, senior officials and their relatives. And further as we all know Rupeni Nacewa is not "just a secretary" - he is in fact the de facto President of Fiji. Rupeni is the one who has been the one giving Ilioilo wrong advice, being highly immoral domestically (yes Rups Big bear - we all know what you are doing) and is the evil behind the throne so to speak.

Thank you NZ and Australia for keeping the sanctions on Fiji's illegal rulers. The sanctions are working and the pressure needs to be wound up now.

We hear on the grapevine that it is also really also the wives and mistresses of the newly rich military officers and the newly appointed junta sympathisers that are whining because they can't go SHOPPING overseas .....

Welcome to the real world Frankie. It doesnt just evolve around you or Rups mate. Its what you have done that affects everyone else, so enough of the foot-stomping and buffoon-ism and give Fiji back to its people....... then maybe Georgie can get his visa. Kapish ?


Anonymous said...

Vinaka Bubu. Dont forget that Voreqe cant stand the fact that he cant get to see his precious grandkids in NZ.

So poor Barbara Dreaver cops it for doing her job

Keep The Faith said...

Oh poor Frank et al can't go to NZ.

Here's a tip - get your cheap asses, cheap-ass goods (including new ticker batteries) from China and India -- hey you can even get cheap organs from there as well -- a brain transplant would be in order.