Dec 24, 2008

When Xmas is reflective

The holidays are dashing through with its combination of dim-wits and bright lights, road rage & busy shoppers, idiotic Teleni parades, lovo & curry, parties, diplomatic expulsions and greetings between long lost friends and relatives. But the holiday season can be a dreaded time of year for many of us women and can bring much anxiety.

We women often struggle with a silent pain we work hard to hide, and one that is often misunderstood. That pain is for all the combined worry and grief we expect will come at us sometime during this silly season.

This worry has uneven edges that sometimes jabs at the soul and lacerates raw hearts especially those mothers and wives that have experienced loss or grief. We worry about many things - food and education for the future, for our relatives that are spending beyond their means.

We worry about the lost message of what Xmas means, we worry for the children; for the drunkards that may invade our space, our homes and our families during this time. We worry that people wont behave themselves so we nag and become bossy.

We worry there will be arguments but try to be upbeat and muster energy to smile and hope no one notices that the twinkle in our eye is really looming tears. We worry our sadness will show so we carry on with our charade of happiness.

I have not found it easy to forget about Sakiusa Rabaka's Nau, Nimilote Verebasaga's wife and Tevita Malasebe's Nau, Anise, whose beloveds passed away 2 years ago at the hands of the Fiji Military and Police.

As we spend our Christmas's in 2008, please spare a thought for all those women in Fiji who have been so courageous in the face of everyday adversity . It is often at Christmas that we ladies crave the nostalgia for perfection - the perfect lovo and plenty of it , joyful families with no smelly drunks around to annoy us, lots of makabuna to do the dishes for us, and homes full of love.

But ragone, we do have a tendency to let our expectations overshadow reality. When the church choir start singing the carols and the Courts and MH sales begin- we can count on the fact that a woman we know is grieving.

If you have been fortunate enough to be spared a loved one passing away this year, take a moment to look around at the women in your village or community & go to see those in difficulty that may be uplifted by your friendship or care. Try to find some way to include her in your family festivities if this can help.

Love in action is more powerful than any medicine and stronger than any spoken word.

May the Good Host bless all the wonderful Freedom Bloggers in this festive season. Be safe and love one another. And may we have a much better New year in 2009.


Anonymous said...

We should not even try to forget about the fallen.
As for the various members in the pathetic little junta that bears Voreqe's name, the best thing to do really is to laugh. I post at a time when true heros like my brother have just been taken from us prematurely. A hero unlike any other. The pathetic Bubbas and Shaistas and Bainimarama's - ALL simply pretenders. I long for the day I can confront them but unfortunately it may never happen. All of whom them still trying to exert some sort of credibility by being macho with a veneer of self-importance - even certain members of the judiciary - it really is utterly pathetic. All I see is The Village People singing macho macho man without even realising the significance. False, Evil, Pathetic, Extremist, and many of whom never even had the intellect to realise just what they were getting caught up in. Tuff shit for them, whatever the consequences may be!. I can't even count on meeting them in heaven because they'll be going to hell!.

Anonymous said...

As I buried my hero of a brother today, I wondered how on earth this bunch of cowards could ever hope to "move Fiji Forward" when the pathetis little assholes are constantly having to have two eyes on their backs.
That is what comes of living a life of dishonesty

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your beautifully written story.

I have just come home from Church and the minister spoke about Dicken's "Christmas Carol".

He asked us to think of Christmas' past and our parents and grandparents who are no longer with us.

He then asked us to think about the Christmas 'present' and instill joy in the hearts of all.

Bubu, you have certainly instilled joy in my heart tonight. God bless you and thank you for everything that you have done to restore democracy and God's will in Fiji.

As Tiny Tim did say, " God bless us; everyone."

Anonymous said...

Vinaka for a lovely post today Bubu . Our collective hope for the future lies in all of our hearts and only we can make next year a year of change and a year to be proud of.

I pray for our Fiji daily and all the people in it. God bless you Bubu and thank you for keeping us inspired all year, helping us think about the issues that are important to us, and for keeping our hopes alive.

Unknown said...

Isa! a blessed Christmas and happy, furtiful 2009 to you Bubu.

May we continue to hold hands and heads heavenwards as we march on to our freedom!

God bless you always!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bubu for your thoughtful comments. Truly it is a time to gently touch the shoulders of women who are crying. My friend goes to Fiji to bury her Mum who died in that awful bus accident. Life is more than tinsel and Christmas glitter. Take time to pass on the compassion of Jesus at this time.
from another Bubu