Mar 8, 2009

Behind the fig leaf of regime aspirations in Fiji

Thanks to Tim for this link - an enlightening discussion on Fiji's situation in regards to Fiji's judicial system and it's legitimization of the 2006 coup.

FROM RADIO NZ - Fiji’s rulers have been widely criticized on the international stage this week. In one report, the US State department found evidence of political interference in the Fiji judiciary. Chris Laidlaw talks to Dr Jon Fraenkel one of the report’s authors.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! The power of the Truth is so clear and succinct, and makes a refreshing change after listening to Vore's rantings, Chodo's lies and Attorney General MyArse's bluster.
It is very noble of Dr Frankael to believe the President's Forum is capable of finding solutions, and to lay out HOW those solutions could come to pass under our Constitution.
But we all know that, Vore being a madman, these will not happen. He wants us to suffer and sacrifice more before he will allow us on the road back to fresh elections (notice I do not call them 'free').
Once again, Vore will not grasp the hand that is held out to him.
God bless Fiji