Mar 10, 2009

Seti Seti Pipsqeak Vore

So Vore's decided just like the pea-brained moron that he is, to punch above his weight , yet again ...

When will the gormless twerp ever learn that no man is an island ...

Stay out of Fiji’s affairs, US rep told
US Ambassador to Fiji Steve McGann should stop meddling in Fiji’s affairs, says interim Bainivuaka.

Bainivuaka’s comments come after McGann (GOOD ON YA MATE) yesterday called on the people of Fiji to work together to ensure the rapid return of democracy.

Bainivuaka emphasised that Fiji had retained democracy after the December 5, 2006 coup. (Oh really ?)

“Maybe McGann is referring to parliamentary democracy. But he should not be interfering in Fiji’s internal affairs.We will have elections when we’re ready,” he said.

At the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday celebration in Lautoka yesterday, McGann said, (THE TRUTH) “We agree with the Pacific Island Forum that more than two years of rule by an unelected military government, with no clear timetable for the return of constitutional government by the people for the people and of the people is just not the way forward”.

“We call upon all Fijians to work together to ensure a rapid return to democracy. It is when all people join in common cause that they can solve their toughest challenges,” McGann had said.

Mr McGann, vinaka to you - as the makabuna's say ... "you the man"


Anonymous said...

I dare the boci to declare McGann persona non grata ..... then we will see Obama in action.

Anonymous said...

Bubu, we at FDN agree with you that "McGann is the Man" and the dictator's petulant response to McGann shows yet again that Frank Bainimarama is more child than man.

Our prediction is that the dictator will step up his campaign against foreign representatives such as McGann and the British, Australian and New Zealand High Commissioners.

This is because he thinks his attacks on foreign diplomats will distract everyone's attention from the increasing economic disaster that is unfolding in our nation as a result of the coup and 27 months of mal-administration by his hopeless interim government.

Just look at how the dictator's his henchmen, Leweni and Driti, and their criticisms and thinly-veiled threats directed at the media and even also at private citizens who have the strength of their convictions to set out their thoughts in letters to the editor.

It's no coincidence that the vandalizing of the car of the editor of the Fiji Times occurred immediately after publication by that newspaper of a letter that the regime took exception to.

And we won't hold our breath waiting for the culprits to be caught.

Russell Hunter, the expelled editor of the Fiji Sun, was so right when he said "there's no law in Fiji."