Mar 10, 2009

Give me a pill please

The old school teacher in me has driven me to analyse this article taken from the FBC webpage today Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Increased rape cases a worry

The Fiji Police Force has raised concerns on the tremendous increase of rape cases around the country. (but of course they have not made the correlation to the rise of machismo in Fiji since the coup)

Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni says they are now working strongly
(what else -- weakly working ?) towards fighting rape. (How ....... By wasting taxpayers money on RIDICULOUS Jesus campaigns and internal Gestapo witch-hunts ?)

He says they have managed to determine that a majority of those who commit rape are marijuana uses.
(Wow ! What amazing detective work! And pray what? - does this excuse the rapes?)

The Police Commissioner is calling on the general public to stay away from the use of Marijuana.
(So this moron has discovered the reason behind rapes and this is his sage advice? Woilei !! Call the Police ! Woilei ... kua sara! Me da leqa !)

PLEASE SOMEONE give me a pill - any pill !!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I bet Shaista will be silent on the issue yea?
If they're working strongly to fight rape then Teleni's got a problem with his own colleagues hasn't he - those who think it's just fine and dandy to use their impedimenta in the mouths of people they torture, then seek approval amongst their pathetic machismo brotherhood with their girlie laughs.
Teleni is one sick f*ck!, but then no more so than those that stroke his ego. Never mind though - they think their regime eternal. Watch them all squeal like the pigs they are when it falters as inevitably it will.