Mar 11, 2009

Snaky Shifty Squeaky Drits

Thanks to RAW FIJI NEWS for this gem of an article. Everyone knows this man is a violent bully and immoral debauchee; so for him to moralize to the Fijian nation is like Peter Foster preaching honesty and godliness from the pulpit ... and aren't we are just sooo over that gibberish ?

Driti squeaks from behind
March 11, 2009

"The problem with Driti is that that he has finally taken the time to listen to other things, he realises how so behind he is with all the junta-wood happenings.

So now he decides to make a quick squeak from behind, just to remind people that Driti, the brutalizing womaniser and human rights violator is still there, very much alive.

Driti is another psycho case like his boss Frank.

Power now runs through his veins like blood that he has wasted no time in putting it to good use with the women folks.

He was heart-broken only a few weeks ago when his birdie left him and everything she possess to flee to New Zealand.

But that was only a short-term pain for Driti.

Driti’s flag is once again raised up high.

He has caught another bird from CMDA and her ex-husband is worried since Driti has a history of attacking past and present spouses of his love birds.

The Land Force Commander of RFMF doesn’t want Qarase and Ted Young to speak against the RFMF, neither does he want his birdies hubbies and exes to speak to him too. He says he represents Fiji peoples stability and security......"
I concur with RFN, not only is the guy as sophisticated as a block of wood, his squeaky squawking is just like a rattle snake on helium ..... Next !


Anonymous said...

And then this:
Is it any wonder rape cases have increased - your previous post is utterly correct even if the dimwit commisar fails to see it.
And Driti warning against criticicm of the RFMF.
Everyone is expected to fawn all over this band of sadistic, vindictive, violent, and thick as pigshit people and use them as some sort of example.
Even IF there are some disciplined and reasonable minded RFMF personnel, the culture of the institution and its bloat is THE problem. Its that same culture that has extended into the Police.
Anyone that's proud of either of those instititutions are living on memories.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Next thing Driti wil be blaming NZ and Australia for his lady love leaving him (after all she left him for NZ) .... haha memu sici !

Where's Wally again ?

Anonymous said...

What I cannot understand is why any girl in her right mind would want to touch the lowlife, let alone shack up with him. Times can be that desperate, can they girls?
God bless Fiji

Keep The Faith said...

LMAO @ Fiji Girl!